Although I’m not much of an outdoorsy gardening person, I do love flowers. It always starts in March where I usually get a bunch of daffodils for my birthday and they just make my room look so fresh and bright, thus starting the summer obsession with having some sort of bloom in the bedroom.

Over the past month I’ve accumulated a lot of flowers, be it from press days or delivery services, and I have to say I’ve become quite attached to having roses or a hint of pink about the place, it really does help lift your spirits and can be a wonderful gift for either yourself or someone who deserves a little pick me up.

I don’t treat myself often, so when both Debenhams and Blossoming Gifts asked if I’d like to try out their home delivery services, I could hardly turn down a special bouquet to add some new life and beauty to my every day routine.

Blossoming Gifts are a relatively new company in the UK specialising in week long flower deliveries of any bouquet you choose, and their current summer range has a beautiful variety of flowers. I settled on a mix of blue hydrangeas and white roses because, well, my aesthetic is white and blue and I knew they would look lovely in my bedroom.

You can obviously pick a preferred date for delivery to suit you, however the first time ordering through the company my flowers were delayed by a day (only finding out at 5pm the day of delivery they wouldn’t be arriving until the following morning) which was a slight annoyance but not inconvenient, however I can imagine it would be if you had things to be getting on with. When the bouquet did finally arrive, the colours were simply beautiful, my perfect blend of colours and flowers species; but there was a but, the but being that the hydrangeas were very squashed and drooping, ao by the following morning they looked basically dead. I was quite disappointed and can only imagine the panic this would cause someone who had bought flowers for a special occasion, but after letting the company know of the situation, they very kindly provided a new bouquet, chocolates and wine as compensation.

The company reassured me that even though I had received the flowers for review, any unsatisfied customer would be treated the same as a buying one which is very comforting to hear. So I went for peonies, learning from my mistake and buying seasonally instead – plus they are every bloggers favourite flower at the moment so why not?! The bouquet arrived this week, and they are some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen; pristine condition, a beautiful pink waiting to flower fully, and scattered with delicate white flowers too. I can see now why people love these short lived flowers so much, they are just a stunning piece in any room and the smell if wonderful – luckily the hay fever hasn’t been affected, touch wood.

Overall, the service of Blossoming Gifts was great, and for an online flowers brand I felt comforted knowing my needs and expectations for a long-lasting bouquet were met with lovely customer service, plus if you want both luxuty and cheap flowers then you can’t go wrong with their special selections. The variety of flowers they have available is great, you are certainly spoilt for choice, but I would definitely recommend buying a flower that is in season if you want it to last a long time and be secure in delivery. Even with the initial disappointment, my honest opinion is that the service is very personal and involved, and the company will help you with any issues at all so you can 100% buy with confidence. Confident flowers, who’d have thought it?!

It was only at the Debenhams Press Day that I discovered their flower delivery service, and after taking home a lovely bunch of white gerberas I found I could ask for a full bouquet to have at home. The flowers team are wonderful, providing lots of information on flower delivery and what you would like written inside the note (if you’re sending it to someone special, or maybe that’s yourself!), and if you thought you’d seen bouquet variety then think again – amongst the regular roses, lilies, tulips and more, there was even chocolate bar bouquets (perfect for a sweet tooth) and special hampers for new mums which added in some extra body products for a well deserved relax – perfect present!

Scrolling through the never-ending pages of flowers, I decided I wanted something different to my usual, so settled on something a little bit luxurious and special – pink roses and lilies, blooming together in one big bouquet. When they did arrive, the roses looked so beautiful a ‘just bloomed’ and I was happy to see that the lily heads were still closed, meaning they would last a lot longer. Originally I kept the two together but as the lilies were taking their time to flower, I’ve since separated them into different vases so they can flower and grow in their own time (plus lilies are very pungent so it’s a bit overpowering to have them in a small room!)

Again, the delivery service was brilliant, no issues or damages and the flowers look and feel strong and fresh, plus they last nearly two weeks if you keep topping up the fresh water and feed so it’s amazing value for money. whether you’re treating yourself or someone who needs a pick-me-up, Debenhams definitely has all your bouquet needs covered, and I would 100% buy from them again especially with their gorgeous summer range that’s available online at the moment.

Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with both delivery services; both have a great choice of flowers (although I would say Debenhams has a wider variety, I mean, chocolate bouquets?!) and both indulge a perfect self-loving treat – if there’s anything I’ve learnt from flowers, it’s that they can instantly brighten your mood, surroundings, and show someone that you care (heck I ordered them for myself and I felt special!)

As a lovely treat, Blossoming Gifts is offering 33% off their flower ranges (excluding Flowers by Post ranges) if you use the code BGIFTS33 at checkout, and if you stick around long enough, you might see an exclusive Debenhams giveaway on the blog soon – I’ve heard it’s happening when we reach 1000 followers on Bloglovin, but you’d have to follow me there to find out 😉

*update* I just hit 1000 followers on Bloglovin so expect the giveaway next week – thank you all so so much!

Flowers, so simple and beautiful, yet so easy to brighten your mood. I can’t believe I put off having flowers in my room fro so long, it really does add a special quality to your environment and not a day goes by where you think ‘I could do with less flowers’ – always have more flowers, always. Whether you want to treat yourself to something luxurious or say ‘hey, you’re great, here’s something beautiful’, flowers are the perfect way to show you care, and if they’re pink and pretty then you’re pretty much anyone’s number one person.

Do you enjoy buying flowers? Have you bought bouquets from Blossoming Gifts or Debenhams before? What is your favourite flower?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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