Something that pops up now and again in my comments is a reply saying that some of the food or beauty I’ve written about is not ‘budget friendly’; I’ve even seen it more regularly in the comment boxes of more popular bloggers and Youtubers where viewers don’t even mention something they like, just simply writing that the products are too expensive and shouldn’t be mentioned. Now I’m all for a budget buy and spending within reason, but where does the line have to be drawn between one person’s expense and another’s investment?

Of course, money and spending is all relative, so I’m going to set the record straight on what and why I spend my money on the things I do. Firstly, I do not go clubbing nor do I go to the pub; I don’t buy magazines or a Starbucks coffee every week; I don’t go out for meals and I don’t go on holiday. I don’t eat crisps, chocolate, sandwiches, cereal, meat, dairy, sugary foods, juice, fizzy drinks, ice-cream, cake, bread or coffee.

My view is that I invest in the things that support my lifestyle, are needed and are things I use for a reason, and this is why I buy almonds, nut milk, houmous, fresh produce and avocados on a weekly basis, because it supports my lifestyle and is important to my health. This may not be for everyone, and that’s okay, it’s just what we choose to invest in.

Defining expense for me would be things that are over-priced for their full use, they don’t last long or do the full job you were expecting, and there are some things in this world that are just flat-out expensive – £7 for a cocktail and £3 an hour for parking? I think we’re pushing it a bit here – but if you have to regularly incorporate these into your daily spending then obviously you can’t afford to throw about money on things that might seem out of reach right now.

There are also those expensive things that you save for as they’ll have a purpose – for me it’s lipstick and skincare, as these are two things I use daily without fail and expect them to do a good job. Now I don’t necessarily buy everything high-end but I’d say about 60% of the things I own are slightly more…luxurious, yet this is only because of my experience with products and formulas. Some of us worship Rimmel lipsticks, some will only wear Chanel, and whatever you choose to put on your face, if it works then brilliant. In my current position I’m fortunate that a lot of things I’ve tried have come from birthday gift cards, advantage card points and PR brands, but if something works for me and it is a little pricey for my budget, I will most likely repurchase it because it’s proven its worth, and that for me is what an investment is.

Investments in financial terms can be things that mature in equity over years (such as property or bonds) or, how I prefer to see it, things that are produced with quality and last a long time, used daily and match their price-per-use (i.e. the more you use it and still have good use out of it, the more worthy the investment). Think about it – would you rather buy something that is cheap now but will run out quicker meaning you have to buy more in the short-term, or invest in something higher quality that will last longer and still uphold its original formula or presentation?

This was similar to when I upgraded all my equipment for my birthday – my laptop had been on it’s last legs since 2009, my camera being a strong sport since 2010, but I wanted to take better photos, film YouTube videos, and finally buy myself a Macbook to edit my work on easily and not worry about a whirring fan at 8AM each morning when I had too many Tumblr tabs open. Seeing that money go out my account almost caused a huge panic (re: actually, it did, but it was my birthday soo….it’s okay? Breathe) – I’m not good at spending money but this was the best investment I’ve made since getting my first DSLR, and now I feel my skills and editing have grown so much – swings and roundabouts right?

So what am I trying to say? I guess the root cause of this is that people have different incomes, needs and desires for what they spend their money on, and being told in a weird roundabout way that the stuff you’re buying is too expensive for someone else is a bit off-putting. I’m not here to force anything on you nor to tell you that one way is better than the other, however I hope the things I share inspire you in the realms of skincare and healthy lifestyle.

If you there is something out there that you want to buy because you’ve desired it for ages or it’s something different to what you already have, go for it! We deserve a treat now and again, and if you’re on a budget and want to get the most for your money, keep reading those blog reviews – the internet has pretty much dissected every dupe possible so find a good quality interim before you think about spending a large amount of money on a product.

Even though I said I usually buy more luxury skincare, there are some amazing budget products that some would swiftly choose over high-end – The Body Shop Chamomile Cleanser is great value for money and yet the packaging isn’t the best thing since slice bread but it does the job pretty swell right? And I won’t deny that quite a few of my random beauty and homeware buys come from the havens that are TK Maxx and Homesense, because picking up something usually quite expensive at a hefty discount is a godsend to those who spend money elsewhere but need to update other pieces.

Money is such a delicate topic in the blogging world, heck it’s delicate in the ‘real world’ too; it’s what people earn and spend depending on their needs, so why feel the need to point it out? If you find something mentioned in a post or video is out of your budget, pop it on a wishlist for a birthday if it’s an item you really want or ask the blogger (or google, both probably as reliable) if they know any good affordable versions for your budget. Backwardly saying that someone needs to be more budget friendly or shouldn’t feature things that aren’t relatable to everyone is like saying people shouldn’t wear orange because not everyone likes the colour – personal choice yo!

Whether you’re a budget buyer, a swift spender, a luxury lady or a careful…cat (?), your version and terms of expense and investment are sometimes going to be different to someone else, and it’s something we must all expect across the various blogs we read. However the price causes you to react, think about why the person is writing about it and even though constructive criticism is great to have now and again, try to focus on the aspects of a product you do like and let the person know. If society as a whole learnt to appreciate quality investments over expensive spending, money and the things people decide to spend their money on would be a much easier and understandable concept for all ages and incomes.

What do you think about expense and investments? Do you agree with any of the things said here? Do you find the topic of money and what you spend it on difficult?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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