This post has been a long time coming for me, personally because happiness and feeling happy in myself has been a journey and a half. I’m a firm believer in staying positive and trying to find the good side in any situation, making sure your personal happiness is the most important thing and that is becomes catchy to those around you – a very Utilitarian approach to life you could say, where the greatest happiness of the greatest number is the measure of right or wrong.

I’ve found over time I’ve become quite self-sufficent in my own happiness, learning to find my own source within myself and that it’s not all about pleasing others at the expense of your content. A song from Marina and the Diamond’s new album speaks strongly to me about this, aptly titled ‘Happy’ and stating how she ‘found what I’d been looking for in myself, Found a life worth living for someone else, Never thought that I could be, I could be happy’ – the whole song resonated with my but this chorus in particular shows that finding self-worth inside of you is so important and freeing. With that in mind, I want to spread an empowering message of happiness to all of you and tell you why it is so important to put your own happiness first.

1. It lasts longer

You’re the one person you have to live with, so your personal happiness lasts and stays with you longer. You can ride the feeling of happiness longer when you feel it bursting out your chest every morning, so thank yourself every morning for being there to support your own happiness at each turn.

2. Nothing is worth more

Yes, money and food help support things in life, but it’s not forever. Happiness will always be there inside and surrounding you, it can make you feel stronger in your darkest moments and it can push you to do more than what you thought possible. Others may try to break you down with ‘you need to do this to impress me’ or ‘you need to have this to be eligible to do that’, but you and your own contented happiness and positivity is worth more to your long-term joy and outlook on life than that which is fleeting.


Well I never thought I’d write that phrase on here again, but yes, you do only live once. Now this isn’t me saying ‘YOLO quit your job and live on an island for the lolz’ but I am saying that is you feel unfulfilled in your happiness, worth and what you’re going with your time on the planet, then make changes to put your happiness first in life. Whether this does mean giving up that well paid job that was crushing your soul to live in Spain and run a diving course, or saying yes to an opportunity that works you to bone but makes you feel ecstatic all day long, you are worth more than the cycle of life that people try to impose on you.

4. It opens up more opportunities

When you start to put your happiness first, so many things open up to you – whether your happiness leads to a new job, a new hobby, or maybe a new purchase for your wardrobe, happiness allows you to feel good and leads to new, exciting things to experience. Try out that course or weekly activity you’ve been considering, you may be surprised with what can come from it!

5. People will flock to you

Like attracts like, and people love happy fun characters. I know that I love being around those who are happy in their moment, and since stepping up to my own personal happiness I’ve found some amazing like-minded people who think and feel the same as me about life and it’s worth. Change your mood and you’ll be changed for life.

6. Success is more valuable when you achieve it on your terms

Hands up if you’ve achieved something off your own back, and keep them up if that achievement was something your enjoyed and made you happy? I was told so many times that I couldn’t be successful unless I did XYZ which was ‘the way of the real world’ however deciding to do things that made me happy and later gaining incredible results off my own back and skills was 1000 times more rewarding than listening to another person’s melody. The fact you created this success all from your own happiness and strength is so euphoric that you’ll be wanting to do it every week!

7. Because you always feel good!

If you feel happy, then congratulations, you are winning at life! If you can look around at the life around you and think ‘you know what, I’m so proud and happy of what I’ve become involved in’ then you don’t need any more help from me. I always want myself, my friends and my family, even people I know on Twitter to feel happy, so do something today that makes your happiness feel off the chart, and something to add to someone’s journey to their own self-happiness.

Whether you’re feeling alone, wanting to refocus on your life goals, or just want a bit of sunshine in your life, putting yourself and your happiness first will open up a whole wave of positive emotion and energy that you’ll have wished you discovered it sooner. Be the shining beacon of happiness in your life, and like Marina says I believe in possibility, I believe someone’s watching over me, And finally I have found a way to be, happy‘.

How do you bring happiness into your life? Do you try to think positively throughout the day? What experiences have led you to your happy life choices?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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