Using brushes for purposes other than their original design is a common concept in my routine – a buffing brush that’s great for foundation and concealer? Pretty standard, or maybe the small shadow brush that’s perfect for applying under-eye concealer and powder? That works a real treat.

However this new use I totally blame (or thank) Anna for, as until recently my MAC 187 brush was living a rather lonely life in a brush pot, not really right for blending in my foundation any more as it shed a few too many fibres – leaving me with some unfortunate facial hair – and not great with thicker formulas of highlighter or creams.

After watching a few recent videos on Anna’s channel where she used the MAC 188 brush to blend in products, it got me thinking about whether my 187 brush needed a new purpose in life, and for me it’s all about contouring – I can’t get deep enough into those somewhat minimally existing cheekbones, and with most of my powder brushes being a bit too large to create subtle and soft hollowing I thought it was time to let the 188 brush work it’s magic, and boy am I impressed!

Even though it has a slightly splayed head, the hairs aren’t too densely packed which means you can use less product on the brush to build up a beautiful contour that stays within the area of the brush fibres, plus less product means less gets left behind on the brush and it keeps you using a light hand to blend it all into the skin. The finished result? A lovely defined shadow where God forgot to emphasise the cheekbones, slimming and adding definition to the face with a natural finish whatever shade of bronzer or powder you use.

MAC, I’m sorry I gave up on you, but you’ve proved yourself once again and made a crucial step in my routine a breeze. Now that I’ve got the ultimate brow and contour tools, maybe it’s time to get working on those eyeliner skills…. one can dream.

Do you have a brush you use for a different purpose? What are your favourite contour products? Have you made any beauty rediscoveries recently?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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