May has rolled to an end and yet again I’m questioning how on Earth we got to this point; with Summer just round the corner, I’m hoping June will take it’s time so we can bask in some sunshine for a little longer than usual, but until then there’s always some May Favourites to reflect on right?

A few reappearances, a few new finds, and some absolute classics making a comeback (can you guess which one I mean?) – May has been a pretty decent month to discover something new.

Let’s start with the base, and skincare has yet again been a big one in May (especially with some hormonal breakouts too, no no, off you go). MyChelle launched their new Refining Sugar Cleanser* this month and at first I was a little hesitant as I’m not a big fan of physical exfoliants, but this has really surpassed my expectations; firstly the sugar smell is divine and will make you want to wash your face all day long, plus you can change the texture and task of the scrub depending how much water you add – Want a deep exfoliation? Just add a tiny bit of water. Want to lather and wash your face with a light scrub? Add a bit more water! The best thing about this is (and, I’m sorry in advance to my cleansing balm) is that it actually takes off my makeup better than anything I’ve tried before, completely dissolving the oils and products to lift it right off my face and onto the flannel. My routine has been cut down significantly and I can now enjoy my cleansing balms for what they’re designed for.

Next are some oldies but some goodies, and with the need to clear up blemishes I’ve been loving the La Roche Posay Effaclar Clarifying Toner* which contains a very mild yet effective chemical exfoliant to renew the skin. It keeps the dead skin cells aways and helps to clear out those pores which is a win/win in any situation really. Another little saviour from last month has to be the MyChelle Apple Brightening Serum* which has kept all my redness at bay, illuminating the skin & really prepping it for the sunnier days ahead – this is quickly becoming a cult favourite of mine! Oh, and finally, the ever brilliant Egyptian Magic – my one and only. When your skin has a cry for help in any situation, the natural ingredients of Egyptian Magic work so well to heal and soothe the skin (brilliant for breakouts) look past the oily, balmy texture and you’ll see the results in a few days.

I love to Nourish my skin, so getting my paws on a some Nourish Skincare was a bit of a must this month. I’ve been using the Nourish Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum* for a few weeks now and it really does work wonders for combination skin as well as smelling like Skittles – a huge plus – and it’s definitely helped balance my dry and oilier areas with a little really going a long way.

Also from Nourish and possibly my new favourite thing ever is the Nourish Illuminating Face Shimmer* which has a gorgeous golden glow and when applied to the face it instantly boosts the completion and makes you look so radiant and ready for the beach – if only it came with a beach. This combined with the Brightening Serum has really made my complexion feel dewy and luminous, a perfect combo for the Summer months!

As a big brow love, you’ll have seen me rave about Anastasia Brow Wiz* in this post, but it really does deserve the hype and Monthly Favourites pick as my brows have never looked better – the spoil is a dream to work with and the thin nib creates really lovely natural looking hairs where one is lacking them – pricy, but worth it. Speaking of natural hair, I cut off a lot of mine recently so not only is it shorter but a lot of my bleach has gone – I only have about 10% bleach in my hair now which is incredible – and for the first time in 8 years I have mainly natural virgin hair so I’m adamant on keeping it in good condition, which is where the Matrix Oil Wonders Flash Blow Dry Oil* comes in; with a lot of fine hair product just weighs my locks down, yet as this is a dry oil a few pumps really moisturises the strands without losing the bounce from a fresh wash. 

So finally, the classic comeback comes in the form of Spotify and the rediscovery of some real throwback teenage music loves. I’ve been playing everything from Green Day to Paramore, Fall Out Boy and even some Evanescence and 3OH!3, and I’ve made 14/15 year old Lauren very happy indeed! Speaking of 14 year old Lauren, I’ve been uploading to my YouTube channel every Tuesday including this hilarious Throwback Makeup Tutorial so if you do one thing this month, give us a cheeky subscribe 😉

With skincare set for Summer and some rocking tunes, I’m pretty much ready for June to arrive and see what’s in-store for the blog – if anyone does have a beach then please let me know, I’ve got a craving for a little stretch on the sand….

What have been your favourites this month? Have you tried anything from Nourish? What are your throwback music loves?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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