Since an early age, I’ve been one for organising; be it arranging my books on the shelf or print-screening directions from the train to Oxford Circus, I always make sure I am prepared for whatever task I have ahead.

Organising can seem like a big task, so I’ve broken done some of my favourite tips so that you can get yourself tidy in the mind and also in your sock drawer – because who else hates missing socks? Bye bye lost papers and unorganised beauty, it’s time to get focused…

Do small tidy-ups to make the big one’s easier

Before we get into the various depths of being organised, you need to clean up! A tidy space is a tidy mind, and it’s something that all our mum’s try to teach us but doesn’t take effect until you’re in your twenties and understand why things left out on tables is so annoying. If you’re not in the mood to tidy a space fully – which I’m not half the time – then just do small tasks: plump the cushions before bed, take your mug back to the kitchen, pop the pens back in the pot. Small tasks make the big clean up much easier.

Establish a filing system

Even if it’s just putting all your bank letters in one folder and car information in another, it’s a start! Designate a space on your shelf for all your important information, and put each in a separate folder so you know exactly where to go when you need it at hand. 

Colour code topics

Using an editorial calendar to keep on top of work calls for coding of some kind, and mine is all about the colour – different coloured pens for different types of tasks, all to keep me focused and on track with my tasks. Plus, it looks super pretty too!

Storage is your best friend

Always losing your socks, or have different types of undergarments for different occasions (don’t lie, I know you all have comfy pants along side those fancy ones…). I use drawer separators to keep all my socks and bits in different sections, so I can just pull out what I want without even looking. Storage is the organisers secret weapon, and the key to easy and accessible situations. Organise your lipsticks and blushers in some acrylic storage that looks nice on display, and use patterned boxes that reflect the style of your room to disguise all the bits inside whilst clearing space elsewhere!

Streamline your thoughts and lists

Something that throws myself and others off a lot is writing down everything you need to do in a week or month on one list, therefore freaking out when you can’t tick everything off quick enough. Streamline the tasks you have to do in the next working week and then over the weekend; what is immediate in the next 7 days? If that’s still too much, focus on the upcoming two days and prioritise your tasks – get those photos taken, finish off those html links for a presentation – don’t forget to schedule in a break too!

Use notepads and to-do lists

Of course, the essential piece of organisational advice – utilise the to-do list! As I said in my previous point, lists are a great visual way for you to see what needs to be completed in the next few days, especially if you have a brief idea you fear you’ll forget – write it all down to jog your memory later.

You can also go one step further with a list book, sectioning off the page for different topics or projects that need to be completed during the week, giving you a visual guide of how you’re getting on.

Prioritise and plan ahead!

The easiest way to stay organised? PLAN. I’m a huge planner, I’ve always been months ahead picking out restaurants for holidays, planning detailed routes from tube stations to events, even laying out all my makeup on my drawers if I have an early start the next day so that I don’t have to spend time messing with what I’ll be putting on my face. Excessive, maybe, but it saves time and guarantees you don’t leave anything out or behind.

Hopefully now you’re all inspired to start sorting your undies into separate sections, or at least add some colour to your calendar, but either way, staying organised can give you that piece of mind that allows you to relax more and find exactly what you’re looking for without a second thought. Now, to sort out the secret snack drawer…

Are you one for organising? What are your top tips to a simplified lifestyle? Are you a sock drawer sorter?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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