I like to think of myself as someone who has a pretty good memory and can pick out random facts at a few seconds notice, but it wasn’t until I watched a few people’s videos and thought about how I manage my time that I realised I’m probably not as mentally physical as I’d hoped; sure I don’t really watch TV anymore, but I do spend a large portion of my time online working or conversing with others, leaving myself very little time to relax and indulge in activities, let alone expand my knowledge.

With this in mind (and thankfully having enough brain recall to remember so) I decided to reevaluate my time and get my head muscles worked out daily – cue deleting a lot of music and data to make space for quite a few educational apps on my phone. Now I’m not claiming to be the next Einstein, but since starting my new training routine I’m feeling pretty quick when retaining information and in trying out new hobbies which has been fantastic (especially in getting me off the internet every night), so how can you improve your memory and brain activity? Well, it’s as easy as 1 2 3…..

Use brain training apps

The easiest way to get your synapses tingling is to download some apps on your phones for a morning workout – plus you can stay in bed whilst you do it so win/win right? I’ve been using Elevate and Peak daily, which both have free and pro version depending how hard you want to go on the training, but the variety of puzzles and tasks to complete is brilliant; you get to work different areas of the brain each day and can repeat games to build up your levels throughout the day, plus you can compare your score to the average of your age or a certain profession (I’m now on par with a nurse or lawyer which is amazing, watch out Judge Judy!). In 5 minutes you can make yourself alert and ready to absorb information from the day, what’s not to love?

Discover the Word of the Day

I mainly wanted to improve my vocabulary and use of words through brain training, and finding out the Word of the Day helps you discover everything from the obscure to the much more articulate version of your favourite word (why say something is rubbish when words such as boondoggle exist?!) The Word of the Day app does what it says on the tin and allows you to see the previous words of the current month, plus the Dictionary app comes with an in-built Thesaurus and Word of the Day feature so every day you can easily find something new to expand your mental lexicon (that’s the vocabulary or inventory of a person FYI, this is proving to be a very educational post indeed).

Reading, always reading

Another way to stimulate your mind is to read as much as you possibly can – from your favourite novel to a new recommendation from a friend, a broadsheet newspaper to study the views and opinions of the world around you to articles on historical events, set aside time to enjoy the language and escapism of words in front of you.

D-d-d-drop the bass whacka whacka

In all seriousness, tongue twisters and rapping are a great way to improve your speech and relax your mouth muscles! Both teach the brain and mouth to enunciate words and recall lyrics quickly, plus how impressive does it look when you can roll off some Eminem or Kanye without hesitation?

Research and write down things that capture your attention

Sometimes the key to improving your memory is to follow those random thoughts that pop in your head – who was the last Tsar of Russia? Why was Voldemort so evil? What was Hitler’s background? There’s so much information online that it’s great to go delving into the archives of history and documented facts, especially when you want to go looking for it – I found that when I had to learn something for school that didn’t interest me it was harder to retain information, however if it comes to me naturally now to look into, I’m more likely to retain the material, so whenever the opportunity arises to become more informed take it! Write it down, make notes, and you’ll soon be engaging your knowledge more than ever.

Brain workouts, where you can stretch your mind from the comfort of your bed and memorise more grammatically correct sentences than One Direction lyrics – allow your memory to thrive and you’ll soon be feeling more informed, engaged and intuitive when it comes to any topic of conversation. Just one more excuse to stay in bed for an extra ten minutes, right?

Do you engage your brain in any activities? What is your best method to improve your memory? How do you like to learn about new things?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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