I’ve rambled on enough now about my 21st birthday, but I can’t skimp over the delicious photos of food without sharing them on the blog can I?! Last Sunday was my 21st and it was the best day I could have hoped for; I ate loads of yummy food (a priority), spent hours chatting with my closest friends and family, and had some lovely cards, gifts and tweets off people which I’m ever so grateful for.

You may have spotted that the picture quality has been slightly upped recently – and that the forward-facing selfies look pretty clear – because I finally upgraded my camera to a Canon 70D! I did put some money towards it as I’ve been meaning for years to invest in some new equipment, but it’s such a lovely gift to open on your birthday. I also finally got a Macbook Pro from my Dad which I’ve been wanting for years, and with my Dell getting all noisy and slow it was pretty spot-on timing, so with that and the camera combined, there may be some pretty visual new things coming your way (but that’s a secret)…

No birthday would be complete without a birthday outfit, so in true Lauren style I was wearing some sort of blue and stripes combo – I actually wore the same top and nail polish as I did on my 20th, I am too much of the same – however it perfectly clashed with my new M&Co Brush Stroke Pleated Skirt* which is such a gorgeous piece from the new SS15 collection that I spied on their press day last December, and a cute little Blue Shrug* from George @ Asda pulled it all together. Matching my nail polish was obviously my Birthday Makeup Tutorial which consisted of red/purple eyes and a brown-pink nude lip by Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Addiction with Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle on top – totally gorgeous nude that looks defined on the lips but stays put all day! 

Firstly, to brunch. Brunch at Bill’s Restaurant was amazing, more than I was expecting and also the first time I ate and enjoyed a poached egg – this is actually a huge deal for me as I hate eggs, but poached eggs on avocado toast looks so bloomin’delicious that I thought ‘hey, it’s my birthday, let’s have an egg!’ and it was just delicious. I went for the Veggie Breakfast – two pieces of toast topped with Guac and Houmous, drizzled in Sweet Chilli sauce and topped with mushrooms – the ultimate brunch treat for a birthday.

My friend tucked into the Regular Bill’s Breakfast with Sausages and Beans, and we were both more than satisfied by the time our forks hit the plate. A big pot of Fresh Mint Tea tidied us over for two rounds of gossip and bawling at the recent loss of Zayn (our whole friendship in 6th Form stemmed from our RE music sessions where 1D featured heavily), before we headed off for Round Two of food back at my house.

As you would have seen in my Easter Excitement post, our whole table with decked in pretty pastels and filled with bowl of food – my perfect heaven! Afternoon Tea with my friends and family is always a nice easy gathering, lots of chatting and chocolate cake which is really all you need in life (especially if the cake is guilt-free, as well as the ice-cream!), and to top it all off I had a big fountain candle which did scare the little ones but was definitely one way to finish off a birthday cake.

We tucked into Quinoa Salad, Indian Pastries, Beetroot Dip with Carrots, Chocolate Cupcakes and of course, my Vegan Chocolate Cake with Fudge Icing. Lime and Pineapple punch was poured whilst others had tea, and you wouldn’t have even noticed the threats of rain overhead as our conservatory was filled with bright blooms as well as all the colour food and crockery.

21, you’ve started with a bang and I can only imagine what’s to come. Here’s to a Spring filled with sunshine and another year to make memories with new pals and eat all the eggs – well, only with Brunch and Afternoon Tea to follow right?

How did you celebrate your 21st birthday, or if you haven’t yet, what do you hope to do? Are you excited for Spring? What’s your favourite part about birthdays?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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