Blogging has not only introduced me to food, beauty, and endless hours perfecting camera angles, but also to some amazing opportunities and friends that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Luckily for me, Scarlett London‘s blog event #SLBloggerBash came around last week, bringing bloggers and brands together for a day of networking, laughs, and some pretty brilliant polaroids. I finally got to meet some lovely ladies I’d been following for ages, catch up with old friends, and stock up on so many samples of Egyptian Magic I’m pretty much set for life.

Before we even get to the event, myself and my WhatsApp Gals – better known as Ally, Saida, Kris and Emily – met up for a picnic just off Oxford Street where we were later joined by Pippa and Kat. I obviously bought too much food and force-fed the girls my Sweet Potato Brownies whilst I chugged on the houmous and carrots, but it was so nice to meet people for the first time IRL that you could instantly have an easy conversation with (and also pull one too many weird faces and show them your chocolate stained teeth when asking if you’d got anything round your mouth).

But of course, you’re here to know more about the main event! This year’s #SLBloggerBash was held at One Alfred Place, hidden just off Tottenham Court Road and was absolutely packed with bloggers and faces I’d been spotting on Twitter for months. Just like last time, Search Laboratory was co-hosting and it was lovely to see the team again – such lovely people and I got to meet more of the girls too which was awesome.

The stands ranged from Urban Outfitters to Quiz Clothing, Tuscany Now to Bon Prix, covering footwear, fashion, beauty and lifestyle which was really refreshing to see, and of course the all important Bake Stand. I whipped up some Sweet Potato Brownies with Vegan Chocolate Fudge Icing (full recipe coming to my channel next Tuesday!) and make some extra ones for the girls to try – it’s the first time I’ve had someone outside my family trying them and I’m so happy to report they were a success! Although I didn’t win, every last brownie was gone when I went back to check the stall so that’s proof enough for me that they were darn delicious!

It was very busy when we got there so we hung around the Urban Outfitters counter a lot and got some cute polaroids of the group together – definitely getting the Instagrams printed out to go on my wall! There was also a sneak preview of the AW15 range and some current season pieces – totally gorgeous, as UO always is – and also all the samples of skincare I’d possibly dreamed of! 

When we did get to mooch around more, the Tuscany Now stall was supplying Italian wine to taste for their contest as well as some parmesan and salami (possible the most pungent cheese and meat I’ve smelt since quitting meat and dairy!), and there a boules contest going on between bloggers (Emily and Ally gave this a go, and Emily snagged the last flower crown of the day).

Bon Prix had some of their SS15 range on display and let bloggers tag an item they were coveting – I chose an Emerald One-Piece Swimsuit, totally got me in the holiday mood! And if you fancied feeling like a Princess, then Quiz were on hand with crowns and sashes to turn you in the ultimate Prom Queen (and also win a Prom Goody bag full of treats – so awesome!)

It was so nice to see faces old and new – I bumped into Angelica which was lovely after our first meeting at the Covent Garden Beauty Live event, and then there was the lovely Poppy, Debbie, Elle, Anna, Jessica, Naomi, Arianna, Jaye, Lana amongst others, and it was so heart warming when people came up to me to say they read my blog, knew who I was, or liked my outfit which was throw together in 10 minutes (and blue, that’s my kind of style), it’s amazing the sense of community you find and that people want to to listen to you out of all the people on the internet – so to everyone who spoke to me, thank you so much for your support and kindness on the day!

People started to leave, and after we got caught up in a rather hilarious conversation with Rhiannon and Jen from Search Labs (the world will never know) and I took about half the remaining samples of Egyptian Magic that no one wanted – madness, this cream is a saviour, but more for me ey? 😉 – we all grouped back together and headed to Oxford Circus for a quick bite and drink, as my voice was near gone from all the talking, and we all went out separate ways home after what was really a fabulous day.

I’m so excited to meet up with the girls again soon, and I’m definitely excited to see Ally’s vlog as I seem to make one or five embarrassing moments but you got to laugh at yourself right? Until the next event, I’ll just be hanging onto my Egyptian Magic samples and WhatsApp chats until we can all regroup in the summer for some more hilarious bonding moments.

A massive congratulations and thanks you has to go to Scarlett though – whilst juggling Uni and feeling unwell in the run-up to the event, she has pulled off more than most of us and it was brilliantly organised. Both her events that I’ve attended have been a blast and I’m more than excited for the next one in September, so thank you Scarlett you mega babe for another fabulous turnout, I hope you slept for days afterwards!

All I need now is to live closer to my friends and have bake some more brownies to share, and then I can relive this day again and again; pure bliss.

Have you attended a blog event? Did you attend SLBlogger Bash? Have you found new friends through blogging?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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