I’m quite a big believer on staying positive in my day-to-day life; whether it’s through social media by tweeting someone something nice, or reassuring a friend in a crisis, having a positive attitude in all your areas of life can really make your day a breeze and more enjoyable.

There are the obvious days where staying positive is the last thing you could achieve, so I’ve whipped up a little list of things that help me feel better whenever the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and to also get you feeling more happy and positive than ever before!

1. Surround yourself with positive people
It’s a known fact (one I have experienced also) that being surrounded by people who lift you up and support you, who radiate positive happy energy, are much better people to be around that others. There’s nothing more uplifting than finding others who support and promote the decisions you make.

2. Focus on the things you like
Whether it’s watching an hour of FRIENDS, or how that skirt makes your waist look, spend time doing these actions everyday. Wear the clothes that make you feel confident and powerful, talk to people who make you laugh, go and take photos in a new place and be amazed!

3. Find pleasure in the small things
It may not seem a lot, but a small thing like a ‘I really like your blog’ makes me feel so happy. If someone says this to you, or if someone says good morning in the street to you, this little bit of positivity should be appreciated.

4. It’s a bad day, not a bad life
You’ve spilt your coffee, your phone is dying, you’ve forgot your purse, and now you’re getting yelled out – yep, it seems to be a pretty naff day. But that’s all it is, a naff day. Accept that today isn’t going your way right now, and give yourself a break by having a pamper evening at home, watch a funny film, have a biscuit and sleep it off. Tomorrow is a new day and you can bring on all the self-assured positivity with it.

5. Be kind to others
It’s amazing how a small handful of kindness can make yours and another person’s day. Say only what you would like someone to say to you, and you’ll radiate kindness to those around you.

6. Make a list of good things that have happened
Completed a big life goal? Been honored for your skills? Landed your dream job? WRITE IT DOWN! Look back and see what great things, big or small, have happened to you and appreciate the things that will continue coming to you.

7. Start small and grow big
If you struggle to find everything in your life positive, start small; think about your friends and how awesome they are for having your back, or your parents for supporting your decisions in life, even if you get a better grade on an essay or get praised at work, focus on these things and soon more positivity will fill you life that you will be able to take not of, thus making you think more positively as you know you can achieve!

8. Smile!
Nothing beats a smile. Slick on some lipstick, and smile at a stranger; okay some might be like ‘what the eff are they doing?’ but there will be another 90% of the population who will think ‘wow that’s really nice of them to smile at me!’.

9. Wake up early and do a kick-ass workout
I know, I knowwwww, but endorphins make you happy, and by being happy you can start the day with a clear and positive mind! Whether it’s a run or some yoga, spend 10-30 minutes getting your booty moving!

10. If it gets too much, take time out and change scenery
If your passion for something you’re working on is waning, don’t keep forcing yourself to get it done. You will find it hard and time will drag, so give yourself a break! Get up, go to the kitchen, go outside, go somewhere and read a book for 30 minutes – I promise when you come back with a clear mind, you’ll be able to feel better about working on the things you love.

11. Put on an uplifting video or playlist
Quick fix to stay positive? Pop on something funny or uplifting! I love to watch my favourite YouTubers, listen to some 90s music or even go and see a friend nearby to make me smile a bit more and feel good in my thoughts again. You cannot fail with a bit of classic 90s!

12. Meditate, engage, and see the world differently
Shifting your focus is probably the most important factor in staying positive; you have to take yourself out of the negative spiral and start focusing on the good aspects. An easy way to calm your mind and feelings is to simply sit, switch off your thoughts, and meditate – if you have trouble with this (like me) YouTube has some great meditation tracks to listen to from 10 minutes to over an hour! Meditate until you feel calmer and relaxed, and start to engage with the positive things in your life – love that lipstick? Wear it! Had some nice tweets or questions on your blog? Take pleasure in the fact they turned to you and reply with a smile. Got some big important meetings planned? Tackle your to-do list small tasks to big and tick everything off in a happy colour, and reward yourself for the things you get done

As much as the bad days feel like hell, there is always a way and an action to turn it on its head and make you feel much more positive in yourself and the world around you. Seeking out positivity will give you a much more rewarding feeling, and the happy energy you will radiate will have people flocking (well flocking so much like seagulls, maybe gathering intently) to you, wanting your advice, friendship, and respect.
I hope this posts makes you smile, gives you something to think about, and makes you want to be the most positive shining star in the universe (was that a bit too cheesy? Never mind), so enjoy you start to a more happy outlook, I’m positive  you’ll do great 😉

How to you deal with negative feelings? Are you a positive thinker or do you struggle with it? How do you try to see the world?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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