It’s no secret that I am a huge lover of Almonds; With their great taste and perfect arrangement on my morning porridge, there’s no stopping me from delving into eating handfuls of these little beauties, and what’s even better is that Almonds are providing me with tonnes of health benefits!

You know the drill, it’s time for another list of delicious and glorious health benefits for why you should be eating more of these foods in your life – just don’t try to take my almonds from me, it’s a sacred relationship of food….

1. Almonds can help lower your risk of heart disease, which is a pretty good thing to hear considering their rep as a fatty calorific food, plus they protect the artery walls by working with Vitamin E to reduce heart disease even further *eats more almonds*

2. As well as that, Almonds can benefit your health by lowering bad cholesterol, and also lower the increase of insulin after meal times.

3. If you want to protect your bones, then good news – Almonds contain phosphorus which makes that possible. Dose up after a workout if you’ve been landing on your knees and wrists a lot!

4. Two Almonds together look a big like the brain, which is cool seeing as they do a lot to help your brain and intellectual functions – Almond contain Riboflavin and L-carnitine, key nutrients to boost brain activity and reduce the risk of Alzheimers. On top of that, Almonds are a great health benefits to your nervous system, helping to promote high intellect and longevity of memory through regular consumption! No wonder I like quizzes…..

5. Ever find yourself in that mood between sweet and savoury – there’s a reason I always turn to Almonds! Almonds are the only nut and few sources of protein that are alkaline forming, and when your body isn’t alkaline enough you can risk osteoporosis, weight gain, low energy and poor immune function. So if you’re feeling snack, go for something a bit sweet but substantial (that also benefits your health!)

6. Like I said above, Almonds are a great source of protein; 13% of each little nut is made up of protein, so they are a great snack on the go!

7. 20-25 Almonds has the same amount of calcium as 1/4 of a cup – if you’re not a fan of dairy, make sure you get in your almonds and almond milk for added health benefits!

8. One ounce of Almonds contains a huge source of Vitamin E, magnesium, fibre and protein, as well as being packed with other minerals such as potassium, iron, and B vitamins. Almonds are also the best whole food source of Vitamin E, contain a third of your daily value per ounce!

9. Almonds are best eaten with the skin on as they contain 20 antioxidant flavanoids, and are also more nutritional and beneficial for your health when soaked, as it makes them easier to digest.

10. Daily and regular consumption of almonds is good for your diet and maintaining your weight as they contain good fats called monounsaturated fats, meaning they are unsaturated and benefit the cogs and function of your body!

Almonds are the ultimate filling and health benefiting snacks, and I always have a little tub of them packed in my bag for good reason (strong bones and increased brain function, yes please!) Hopefully you’ve found a new food to enjoy, and maybe you’ll become just as nutty  as I am about these little sweet goodies! Here’s to more snacking, and more health benefits!

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Are you a fan of almonds? Do you eat any specific foods for health benefits? Will you be adding nuts to your snack list?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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