If you’re an avid follower of my Instagram, you’ll know I am pretty obsessed with my breakfast. Sometimes I go to bed earlier so I can start the day sooner and eat my breakfast all over again, it’s that big a deal in my life. I can be quite picky with food and sometimes end up eating the same thing for months on end before I get so bored of it I never touch it again – case in point, pasta, soya yogurt, blueberries; foods that I’ve overdone and are now a rare occurrence in my eating schedule.

I was pretty big on the porridge last year, however I favoured mine with half water half almond milk, strawberries and blueberries, cacao nibs and pumpkin seeds. Pretty quickly the seasons changed and the fruit wasn’t as tasty as when it’s in season – always buy in season, it tastes better and costs less (pro tip) – and it was all a bit too much. Queue a few weeks limbo where I snacked on almonds and tried to find a new favourite, but nothing surfaced.

Pretty adamant that I could stick to porridge if I tried, I decided to mix it up. Instead of using a mix of water and milk, I dosed up on Almond Milk to get a better source of calcium in my diet and fill my tummy up longer, and I also added in some natural sweetness and fibre thanks to some mashed up bananas – so delicious, and a great disguise for banana haters like myself. 

Toppings wise, I felt something more substantial would work to keep me fuller for longer, so I skipped the fruit and loaded up on the nuts which added a nice crunch and also an alkalising edge – almonds are a fabulous source of good fats and neutralise the tummy too. For a bit of sweetness, I decided to experiment with Lucuma powder, and I picked up two Naturya powders because I love it that much – fabulous for adding to bakes and porridge as it has a naturally sweet caramel taste to it which works so well with the banana.

Finally, a little drizzle of something special. I’m absolutely loving honey at the moment for beauty and in food, and it’s great because although it is sugary, you only need the tiniest amount for a sweet kick. I recently transferred over to more organic and natural offerings, and this Royal Green Caribbean Honey is the bees knees (pun intended). It’s so natural and unprocessed that you need even less honey than before, way to save your pennies and get even better quality flavour!

Of course mornings aren’t complete without a cup of tea, and as per ritual I always have a mug of Pukka Three Mint or Detox Lemon to start my day. It really helps to refresh the system and peppermint is a great tummy soother, which if you read my 9 Ways to Beat The Bloat post you know is great after some heavy food or to get you, ahem, moving in the morning – well, fibre needs a push right?

All in all, this is the perfect breakfast combination – porridge for slowly released energy, fibre from bananas, natural sweetness from organic honey and superfood powders, and essential fats and proteins from a range of nuts. This really does leave you full until lunchtime, and sometimes I enjoy it so much I have it again in the afternoon – porridge all day every day, that’s a breakfast I can get on board with…

How about you guys – what is your favourite breakfast? Do you have a daily staple or a treat breakfast you whip up on certain days? Have you tried lucuma powder or organic honey?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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