Bloating, it’s an odd word right? It’s also a big factor why people feel they have to lose weight because their ‘stomach is big’ which is totally the wrong idea, as bloating is something very manageable and short-term in the body’s daily function. Bloating is caused by many factors including undigested food, IBS, food intolerances and constipation (yep I did just talk about the act of not being able to go to the toilet on this blog, who’d have seen that one coming?)

Bloating is uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and can make you feel a bit rubbish if you focus on it too much; it’s important to remember that throughout the day, our stomachs do stick out more as we are eating food which is being digested and used as fuel for the body, don’t mistake this for having a ‘belly’!

If you find yourself getting bloated regularly, there are some really fab and easy changes you can make to your lifestyle that will make you feel fantastic; grab a pen and get noting down these quick tips for a bloat-free zone!

Drink Water Infused with Lemon or Cucumber

Drinking water is pretty much a cure for anything these days – skin, hangovers, dehydration, but infused with fruits it becomes a great tummy calmer. Lemon water is a great duet and helps flush out any excess salt in the body that causes stomach to retain fluids, and cucumber water as I mentioned in this post is also a diuretic but is a lot more alkaline. Cucumber with the peel on chains many antioxidants, pro-inflamatory enzymes, and Vitamin K which helps to give you stronger bones too! Important: as lemon is quite acidic, be careful with how often you drink it as it can make your gums become sore and cause erosion! Once a day is fine, but then continue with cucumber water for a gentle diuretic that is more balanced.

Make sure you eat slow and don’t gulp!

I am a notorious fast easter, but inhaling your food at such speeds can cause you to take in excess gas-producing air which causes bloating – not good. Take time eating small bites and sip your drink between to reduce the amount of air taken in. This also goes for chewing gum, which also produces excess air and leaves you feeling a pit puffy

Cook your vegetables fully

Certain foods are harder to digest when raw/semi-cooked so make sure you boil/steam/roast them until soft, as this will make them easier to digest and prevent them hanging around too long in your system.

Breathe and beat the stress

Stress is a huge trigger for bloat as it spins up the hormones in your body, causing many digestive problems. If you’re feeling anxious, take yourself away from the situation to take your mind off any stress and you’ll soon feel a lot better.

Combine foods so they are easier to digest

As good as legumes or greens are for you, they can become hard to digest on their own due to the sugars and fibres inside them that are bodies aren’t used to. Try mixing legumes with wholegrains and foods packed with vitamin C when eating greens to get the most out of your meals – minus the uncomfortable bloat!

Try Potassium rich foods!

Get eating those bananas, avocados and oranges, because these potassium packed delights help regulate sodium to reduce bloating caused by salt, and also bananas contain soluble fibre which will help you ‘go’ naturally.

Go Pro!

Probiotic yogurts contain good bacteria that help regulate digestion, making your tummy a nice, calm place to be – aww, isn’t that nice?

Drink your tea

Herbal teas have a great blend of flavours, many which can help your bloating to disappear. Peppermint tea as an anti-spasmodic action that calms the muscles of the stomach, and also relieves gas, nausea, and uses essential oils to generate the gall bladder into producing acids to break down fats. Ginger tea is also a fabulous anti-inflammatory so make sure you sip both throughout the day!

Have your Fibre-day

Fibre is essential for your body’s processing needs, so get snacking on nuts, brand, grains, and leafy greens. Make sure you eat with balance though, as too much can actually add to bloating!

It’s amazing what food can do to your bodily function, and I definitely feel the benefits of cucumber water (so much yum). Of course, if your symptoms continue or are much more severe than described here then please seek medical advice, but hopefully a change in diet can help soothe your tummy bloating issues. Here’s to total tummy comfort and a more enjoyable eating experience!

Will you be trying infused water? Did you know about food combinations? Are you a fast or slow eater?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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