Something I’ve seen pop up a few times in Twitter chats is what is an acceptable amount of self-promotion for your posts before it becomes spammy, or whether you should promote at all. Granted, the more read the blog, the less you have to send out your new post to others as they’ll have snapped it up on their Bloglovin’ feed without hesitation, but for those who have smaller readerships or want to increase their traffic, sharing your link through the day is the best way to attract attention to your blog.

Many are scared that people will be annoyed if they keep tweeting ‘Check out my post! New post here!’ which may get a bit much, but that shouldn’t stop you from wanting to share you work with others, so here is my #unpopularopinion of why you should self-promote the heck out of your blog and platforms.

1. It gets your name out there

When I first started my blog, I would write a post and just expect people to find it through magic. It doesn’t work like that, and the only way you’ll be noticed is to get yourself linked up on social media and start sharing it all out there on the internet – engage in Twitter chats, hashtag relevant topics to the post to make people see it, and utilize those RT accounts! The more you pop up, the more people will say ‘ooh, they look interesting, and that post sounds good, I’ll check them out!’ and of course, send your links out at the end of chats!

2. It shows you’re proud of your work

If you’re ever proud of anything in life, you want to share it! There’s nothing I get more excited about than wanting to share a piece of work – be it a blog post, my photography, or a recipe – online with all my friends; I’ll want to Tweet it, Instagram it, write about it, just so that others can share my pride in the content I’ve created. Your blog is a place to produce content you want to see in the world, so let the world share it too.

3. It allows others to network and connect with you easily

Linked to #1, having your name out there makes it easier for people to recognise you; be it a fellow blogger who you chat to on Twitter, someone who recognises you at an event, or importantly a PR brand or Social Media Manager who picks up on your name through blogs and online platforms and is able to recognise your social presence and keep you tabbed for future work.

The more you’re visible online, the more likely you’ll be seen, with more people recognising you through regular scheduled posts popping up on their timeline and also more engagement through comments.

4. It will help boost traffic

Whether your blog is a hobby or a path to a career, gaining traffic is a key part of growing your blog and name on social media. It’s not difficult to send people your way, but with the blogging industry growing daily there are more people to to sift through. A great way to self-promo is the schedule your tweets throughout the day and at key times of increased traffic – daily commutes and lunch-breaks are the best publish scheduled tweet times, and also 7-9pm when people are relaxing and catching up on the day. RT accounts on Twitter help send your tweets to more people (including those who don’t follow you – yet) and are a great way to get people noticing your posts.

5. Keep it classy, not spammy

Like I said in #4, scheduling is key but not over-scheduling! I used to tweet every hour for 9 hours straight and my feed looked like one stream of mass self-promo, and not in a good way. A quick shake up of my schedule times and a reduction in tweets actually helped my blog grow and more people engaged. Spread out the tweets, make sure you’re connecting in between if you can, and also try not to scream READ ME in your links – something along the lines of ‘If you love such and such, you’ll love such and such…’ is eye-grabbing and hints at what is going on in the post enough for people to click.

With that all said, don’t let scheduled tweets scare you! Posting 5 times a day is okay and so is 3, so if you want to promote your work and see the effects, get sharing your links more regularly and you’ll definitely see the results.

If you’re now thinking of upping your self-promo game, here are some great apps and social media platforms to try:

Buffer – I’ve used Buffer for many months now and apart from one glitch (on my part) I’ve never had any trouble using it for scheduled tweets. You can set times throughout the day for links to go out (10 a day maximum if you use Buffer for Free) and with the link-shortening setting your tweets can look slick and professional. You can also upload images which is a sure-fire way to get more traffic as everyone loves to see what’s going on in a post, and this is a big pro against Hootsuite as you have to click a link to see the image whereas Buffer shows up on your feed instantly.

Hootsuite – Another popular scheduling app, Hootsuite can be set to send out links throughout the day at regular intervals (no set times, just regular updates) and all you have to do is write your link and comment and off it goes!

IFTTT – Know as IF now, but this is one clever little app! IFTTT allows you to create ‘recipes’ across your social media platforms, making it easier to share your traffic with more people. For instance, I have a recipe that shares my photos on Instagram to my Twitter feed, posting the image for everyone to see in full and also a link to my account if people want to see more – a fabulous way to get people following everywhere easily.

Sharing your posts online should be a declaration of pride and dedication to your work – we always talk about passion in our posts, so carry that passion on into your networking and promotion. Great work should be rewarded, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people engaging with your tweets, images and posts; so go on, pop an extra two promo tweets into your feed today, and watch yourself grow!

How do you feel about promoting your posts and work online? Are you a manic scheduler or once a day tweeter? Do you engage with links on your feed?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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