Nowadays I’m always looking for easy ways to workout – whatever I can do quickly without feeling too overwhelmed greatly pleases me, especially after sitting at a desk all day! In the past I’ve done the whole workout plan, obsessed over moves and how I look afterwards, and for me, it doesn’t work; I’m not saying working out for an hour is bad, but if you don’t enjoy it, it’s not great.

I’ve found that the easiest way for me to get a workout in is to do lots of small things in the morning, which are over quickly and then inspire me to do extra in the afternoon/evening whereby I actually work harder. From doing some toning and stretching, I have seen some change in body thanks to the addition of my diet, and I’m feeling – for once – much more confident in my body and mind.

With all this said, I feel ready and pumped to share my easy ways to workout at home (because why pay for a gym when you have YouTube at your finger tips?) and get you moving easily to build that flexibility and try to show some form of muscle – that’s what I tell my arms anyway…

1. Equipment

You don’t need a twenty-piece orchestra of machines and weights to get fit easily, just a yoga mat, some 2lb-5lb weights or water bottles, and a positive mindset! You can find some discounted equipment in TK Maxx which works amazingly, and you can just buy one pair of weights to use everywhere from lifting your biceps to lifting your legs – trust me, when you add 4lb weight to your leg workout, you feel that burn!

2. Find a workout style to suit you

Some people like to run, some like to do yoga, some like to do loads of cardio and some want to build muscles – find a routine and style that suits you and stick to it! For me, I find anything where I feel sick, wanting to rush through it or absolutely dreading it is not the right workout for me, so I mix up pilates and yoga to get some active movement in my day whilst focusing on flexibility, strength and toning. Maybe one day you’ll run, but start small and find a place where you feel comfortable, which leads me to…

3. Utilize YouTube!

The internet is full of free information these days and what better way to get a workout in than through the biggest video platform?! There’s everything from yoga, running, pilates, weight-lifting and there’s levels for everyone – whether you’re starting out as a beginner, coming back to a sport, or wanting something in between your gym sessions/long hours at work and that’s on a budget, there’s a trainer and class for you.

4. Focus, and don’t knock yourself

Setting aside some time to workout can be one of the biggest factors for not working out, but the sooner you do it the better really – don’t compromise on your sleep though, nothing is worth the loss of sleep! Currently with the days getting lighter earlier, I’m up and working out by 7:30-8 and then ready to work by 9-9:30 which sets me up to feel good until teatime, and you don’t have the thought of working out looming over you all day. Of course, it’s not always possible so try to find a practical time for you – half hour at lunch, or 15 minutes in the morning and 45 mins when you’re home from work, or even an hour before bed to help send you off to sleep (not too much cardio though as this will keep you awake longer, focus more on calm exercises!). 

There will also be instances where you simply don’t have the time or means to exercise, and that’s okay! You don’t have to hit it hard every single day, give yourself peace of mind that one missed workout won’t ruin your routine and in fact, taking a break can make you come back stronger – I discovered this recently by only managing to last 40 seconds on plank and then after a few days off, was able to do a whole minute comfortably!

5. Don’t forget about your eating!

Exercise is all well and good but unless you’re eating a balanced diet then not much is going to happen. Clean foods will help you gain and exert natural energy from your muscles and stores of carbohydrates and fat, and they will also help replenish and build muscles afterwards, so make sure you are nourishing your body. Don’t think of eating as just eating, think of it as fuel for your body’s movement – you wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol engine, nor would you put lemonade on your cereal because that just doesn’t work my friend!

More vegetables, fruits, healthy grains, water and good carbs will help your body flush out the toxins and help replenish the balance within you, making you workout more successfully.

Now to finish up, here are some routines and channels to try if you want to have fun whilst you get fit!

– For Pilates that is both hardcore and fun, it has to be Blogilates – Cassey’s extreme enthusiasm will take away some (only some) of the pain from all those squats and candlestick dippers, and she’s feeling it all right there with you! There’s toning, some cardio, some relaxing and some bending, all from 3-20 minutes long.

Try Call Me Maybe Squats | 6 Mins to Sexy Arms | Flat Stomach Fat Melter

– For Yoga that is focused on balancing the mind, body and soul (and makes you release and relax a lot  of energy) then Yoga By Adriene and Tara Stiles are the way to go. Tara has some fabulous beginner’s workouts and a 4 week programe to get you started, whilst Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga is fast becoming a cult favourite for people everywhere – so much energy whilst being really calm, at it’s all between 10-30 minutes a day!

Try 30 Days of Yoga | Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners

– For Cardio and Strength, I have to recommend Tiffany Rothe. I first came across her routines through Tumblr (those were the days) and I was immediately hooked at how easy and quick they are, and how you feel the muscles the next day. From a bikini body to a boxer babe, there’s a mix of routines for all areas and levels of fitness.

Try 10 Min Booty Shaking Waist Workout | Boxer Babe 10 Min Cardio Workout | Bikini Abs Workout | Get Your Sexy Back

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, feel stronger, or want to improve your health, there are so many easy ways to workout at home and it’s all within your power and grasp to achieve! The daily recommendation is 30 minutes of intense exercise, so if you can set aside 30 minutes at any time of the day then you’re already on the right track to some healthy me time. 15 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of cardio? Quick, easy, fun, and free! So go on, grab your weights and your old band tee, let’s get moving together easily as see what fun we can have with our workouts…

Do you workout at home or the gym? What is your favourite kind of exercise? Do you have any video recommendations to share?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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