I am surprised a post like this hasn’t come any sooner, but with lots of pre-planning of posts and monthly things I always skimp over it *slaps wrists*. Recently I’ve made a promise to myself to interact more with people I follow and who follow me, so that means more replies on Twitter and even just saying how nice someone looks today as you know that can make anyone smile, and of course, a little blogger appreciation.

For me, all these blogs and bloggers just nail it on the head with content, style, writing, and just generally being awesome people with great creative ideas that inspire me to work harder to their level, and some have even become friends which makes even happier – blog friends are the best, they really understand the importance of instagramming your food and nails. Well, without waffling on any further before I get a bit emosh, here are some of the lovely ladies who kick blog-ass every day…


(L-R) Pages by Megan, Carrie from Wish Wish Wish, What Olivia Did, Andy at Style Scrapbook

If I had the wardrobe of any one of these lovely ladies, I’d be pretty happy for the rest of my life! Sleek and wearable styling from budget to luxury brands, they all have an unique style – and amazing photography – that keeps me coming back for more. The lovely Megan from Pages By Megan has an fabulous way of taking key basic pieces and turning them into something so cool (obviously, as she’s an ASOS stylist too!) – be it jeans paired with 70’s platforms and a bold coat or head-to-toe denim cleverly mixed up in different shades or textures, layering seems to be her magic talent and it’s one I can get on board with every day.
Similarly, Carrie from Wish Wish Wish has this amazing knack at puling off anything – be it snow boots in Lapland, leather trousers and a blouse in London, or Valentino in Paris, Carrie looks styled to perfection and effortless. Her post on Body Image is so positive, and it’s great to see more bloggers inspire readers into wearing whatever they feel confident in – plus the photography on her blog is outstanding!
Also with amazing photos, and when I fancy a bit of Parisian inspiration, some stripes or classic minimalism with some 60’s/70’s influence, I always turn to Olivia at What Olivia Did. The gorgeous Chung-enthusiast with a hint of kitsch always provides me with Pinable inspiration, and has helped push my stripes obsession over the edge (in a good way!)
Finally, the blog which deserves to be a magazine in it’s own right, and with fashion styling that works every single time thanks to the awesome Andy at Style Scrapbook. A frequent fashion show attendee, Andy is proof you can do and have it all – running an internationally successful blog, working out with Nike, travelling across the world, and looking bloomin’fabulous as she does it. From pairing Mango with Moschino, Chanel with H&M, Andy never fails to give me fashion FOMO and the motivation to do more with my career and wardrobe!


(Top L-R) Anna at ViviannaDoesMakeup, Lily Pebbles (Bottom L-R) Kate at gh0stparties, Josie at Fashion Mumblr

I have had the pleasure of quickly meeting these next two beauty babes, and they seriously deserve all the success they’ve achieved. Firstly, the awesome Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup (she got me into saying awesome again) who has an amazing positive energy that makes me want to watch or talk to her all day with beauty questions! She is the queen of natural flawless beauty – complexion to die for – and her strong brows and bold lip combo are always my go-to when doing my make-up. Nearly all my beauty purchases in the past year have been enabled by her, and her blogging bestie Lily Pebbles who as I said I’ve also had the pleasure to meet! Lily’s vlogs and tutorials are fun, full of beauty lusting and show that a passion can take you far. I personally love Lily’s reviews as we share a love of matte lipsticks and brown eye-shadows so she always gives me the hookup, and her absolute honesty on what works and what’s a disappointment gets a lot of respect from me.
Next the award for Best Beauty Photography has to go to Kate at gh0stparties; from new budget finds to the next indie holy grail you’ll want in your collection, Kate has the low-down for all the products to suit your skin for whatever it personally needs – dehydrated? There’s a post for that! Want to bump lackluster skin? Yep, there’s a post for that too! Kate is also editor of Nouvelle Daily which features new launches as well as food recipes, DIY and decorating you home – give it a follow, you won’t regret it!
Finally there’s Josie from Fashion Mumblr who is an absolute babe – we’ve hung out a few times and she is so lovely! Primarily fashion, it’s her beauty round-ups and low-downs that I love most. From her latest Sephora haul after regular NYC trips (the envy!) to the make-up brushes post to suit every budget, Josie is hot on the tail of all the new launches straight from the London beauty hub.


(Top-Bottom) A Little Opulent, Rosie at The Londoner, Helen at thelovecatsinc, Career Girl Daily

Aaah, the blogs that give me FOMO, travel wanderlust, all the essential tips on how to create a fab CV, curate and expand my blog, and some bloomin’ good recipes – these lifestyle lovelies have got the ground covered! I found A Little Opulent through my Bloglovin’ feed and I don’t know why I wasn’t following sooner – from Art and Design, books to read, DIY inspiration and interviews with creatives, there’s a dose of inspiration all day everyday.
Now my ultimate life crush in the form of Rose from The Londoner, who knows all the best places to eat, visits amazing countries in style, and always has her wardrobe nailed to perfection. Rose is an advocate for the Anti-Diet whereby you enjoy all the good things in life and take care of yourself, of course whilst indulging in some Slutty Brownies! Be prepared to fawn over her adorable dog Custard, and feel constantly full from her carefully selected brunch hotspots.
I have to state that this next blog is primarily fashion and beauty, but with some delicious treats and useful tips making their way into my Bloglovin’ saved categories, Helen from thelovecatsinc has so many areas covered that it would be a scandal not to mention her! Daily blogging features her current Top 5 products from across the board, some insane indulgent cakes and tray bakes, and perfectly tailored minimal outfits with sunglasses to match, I always look forward to her reviews and clean photography.
Finally for some tips in the world of careers and powerful women, Career Girl Daily has everything you need from how to make your CV look kick-ass to easy deskercise moves whilst you type away, and also some pretty motivational quotes from some of fashion and the creative industry’s powerful women – a must for anyone who needs an extra bit of motivation during the day.

Special Mention

(L-R) Kris from Creepers and Cupcakes, Sammy from Little Fickle, Summer from Life As Summer

Now I couldn’t do a ‘Blogger’s I Love’ post without mentioning some of my nearest and dearest! These three are some of my closest blog friends who just get me and who I talk to on a daily basis. I’m so happy to have these girls in my life, and they also have amazing blogs too (obviously!)
Kris from Creepers and Cupcakes is a truly fabulous girl who I’m uber proud of – we both started blogging at the same time and bonded over our newbieness, and she’s won two major beauty blog awards just months into her inception of Creepers and Cupcakes. Kris is the loveliest girl who I’m lucky to have in my life, and you’ll love her too.
When something needs setting straight, or a I need some real advice, I am always rely on Sammy from Little Fickle; always talking about important issues such as politics, the right and need to vote, feminism, even the Cohorted dramz of recent weeks, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and I love her for it.
I’ve not seen such courage and strength in a person as I have in Summer from Life As Summer who has gone through more in a few years than more of us will in a lifetime, and I admire her so much. She writes with heart, and through our talks every day I’m so happy to call her a friend who will always support me.

These blogs and bloggers have all inspired me to either start my blog, find a new passion, enable some much needed new purchases, be inspired to push my creativity forward, and even be there for a little chat (or Christmas card, if you’re lucky 😉 ) so hopefully you find some new reads to enjoy. There are lot more bloggers that I adore too, so watch this space as I’ll be spreading the love again soon, but in the mean time, don’t forget to show some love and appreciation to the blogs and bloggers you adore, and who knows, you could find yourself a new favourite!

Who are your favourite bloggers? What kind of blogs do you like to read? Can you recommend me some new blogs to read (yourself included 😉 )?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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