I am all for spreading a little love around, whether it’s a quick tweet to a friend, or letting a blogger know how well they’re doing – heck even just chatting to others and giving them a hug is enough sometimes! My recent ‘Bloggers I Love’ post was a great way to show appreciation to those who had influenced me, but there are so many little ways you can make someone smile and take their day from okay to super-duper spiffing in minutes.

1. Tweet them!
Everyone loves a response on Twitter, so whether it’s something that reminded you of them, sharing the love on their new post, or expressing the feels you have over something they’ve posted – even if it’s a smoothie! – you can guarantee they’ll perk up seeing you send something positive over, which leads to…

2. Interacting more on social media
Whether it’s liking or commenting on an Instagram post, replying to their comments on your blog, or including them in you #FF, these little things show that you’re involved and interested in what they’re up to, and thank you yourself appreciate their awesomness!

3. Sending spontaneous texts or letters
Last year myself, Summer and Sammy all wrote letters to one another, and the fact we knew minimal about each other but filled our cards with words full of appreciation meant a lot. Sometimes people see you more for what you’re worth than others, so let others feel the same with a quick message letting them know you are thankful.

4. Help out more
If you live at home, in halls or a flatshare, helping out where you can and when you’re not asked doesn’t do unnoticed. If your mum has had a hard day, maybe you could cook dinner for her or vacuum the house when you have a spare few minutes, or if you’re in a flatshare and everyone is a bit frazzled, making a round of tea and cracking out some biscuits and chatting about their day can lift another’s spirits quickly.

5. Be kind
Especially to those who deserve it. Ask if they’re okay now and again, show you are there for them, offer advice and treat them as you would expect to be treated in the same situation.

6. Buy flowers
Because who doesn’t love flowers?! Spontaneous flowers are even better!

7. Make an effort to spend quality time together
Clear a day in your schedule and invite someone you care about to hang with you for the day; whether you chat over tea and cake at home, go shopping together for some retail therapy, or turn up at theirs with some brownies and a movie, quality time when it’s needed or deserved is the best.

8. Say ‘thank you’
Two words that can become so ordinary in our everyday language, take the time to say it with meaning. Say thank you to your mum for making you dinner every night, say thank you to your best friend for always running over when you need their help, say thank you to the co-worker who really helped you out on that project, just say thank you with gusto whenever you can! Say it with words, by paying for lunch or a coffee, say it with a gift or just with a big meaningful hug, say it at every moment possible.

Here’s my appreciation for you; thank you for coming back and reading every post if you’re a regular reader, thank you for clicking on this post and even following me if you’re new, and thank you for being awesome!

How do you show your appreciation? Do you find you could so more to spread happy vibes? What does appreciation mean to you?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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