Tomorrow is my 21st birthday, and I’m quite amazed at how fast it’s come round; my 20th year has been a good one, I’ve tried and done new things, met new people, and had to deal with other things that have made me a more informed person. Whilst I’m spending today baking my birthday cake and getting things ready, I thought it would be nice to look over 21 things I’ve learnt and enjoyed over the years before finally becoming an ‘adult’ – that’s not a thing right?

1. Friends come and go, and you’ll find most of them in places you least expect it.

2. Moving and shuttling between houses every weekend has given me some insane organisational skills and also a longing for lazy days.

3. I’ve always loved taking pictures, being in pictures, and being online creating.

4. Being featured in Company Magazine out of everyone who entered for the photography section still makes me really proud.

5. I’ve always been ‘the nice one’ which can be frustrating but I’d rather be nice than anything else.

6. Studying for school was hard when I disliked a subject and most of my notes have gone out of my head, but if there’s something I really want to research I will remember it forever.

7. Calvin from S Club Juniors was my first crush, and when he fave’d my tweet I had an Automatic High  (geddit?)

8. Going to California was one of the few times I felt alive and happy.

9. Less is More.

10. I always won the music quizzes at school as my iPod Nano was stuck to my ears 99.9% of the time and I skipped songs a lot so I would beast the Intros round.

11. My first birthday involved me playing with a giant spoon instead of presents, and another girl whacking it on the head of another.

12. I was always an Angel, never a Mary.

13. You can better conversations with people you’ve never met than those who you’ve known for years.

14. When I was 7 or 8 I saw Alan Titchmarsh buying shoes, but this was topped by meeting Bill Nighy on a street in London.

15. I can be really competitive but then also really surprised when I do well at things.

16. I forget how much I like to read, and I wish I’d spent more time doing so.

17. When I was about 5, the Queen came to open an Art Gallery in my town, and I fell down our (steep) patio steps chasing after the car, resulting in a very big graze down my shin.

18. I can easily become obsessed with things. It’s not natural, and it’s not healthy, but it makes the feels churn.

19. People will force their opinions on you and that’s okay, it’s not personal.

20. On that note, fight for what you believe in. Do what makes you happy because you control your life.

21. There isn’t a moment in my life I would change because they have all bought me to the person I am today.

What have you learnt over the years? Do you have any achievements or celebrity meetings to share? What happened on your last milestone birthday?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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