One thing I miss but equally still love about childhood is colouring; I loved all those ‘paint by numbers’ kits and pads upon pads of colouring books filled with designs and drawings to scribble in, but as I’ve grown up there’s been quite a lack of artistry of the same sort – that was until I bought some shadow sticks; The easy girl’s make-up must have for quick colour that packs a punch, and fits perfectly in your bag to take your eyes from ‘woo’ to ‘WOWZA’ in seconds – and boy am I loving it!

Creamy shadow sticks have been around for a few years now but they are by no means old news; the concentrated pigments in an easy stick that you can quickly use to colour in your lids are increasingly popular with both those who find the whole smokey eye a bit of a pain and the on-the-go gal who has limited time, but they’re also amazing for working together to create a whole new shade and base for extra ‘pow’.

The products that do it all in my eyes are the Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Sticks, which were a huge sell out last Christmas and a great way to try out the buzz without paying too  much dolla. To make me even more excited about them was the range of shades – six brown based nudes with touches of gold, purple and green to give you anything from a bit of shimmer to some full-on statement colour to rock easily day or night.

The Caviar Kit comes in six shades, Moonlight, Rosegold, Copper, Khaki, Amethyst, and Cocoa and they are uber pigmented, glossy without an odd texture, and so so SO  easy to blend on the eye. I’ve found the trick to be applying a small line somewhere on the outer-lid and then patting it across to distribute the colour – blending can make the product cling on the brush or finger more so patting is the best application to build from a sheer to more statement finish. If you’re brave, you can go mad and colour in the lid in one go and either top with a similar coloured eyeshadow or leave to settle on its own, the possibilities are endless!

Speaking of endless possibilities, another great thing about shadow sticks is the versatility to them; they can be used as a liner, a one-step smokey eye, or just all over the lid, so if you’re travelling abroad, around the country or on the daily commute then these may just be your sparkly yet subtle saviour for various looks with total ease – major yes point. You can get so creative with such a small product, so I’ve gone a bit wild and blended all six shades on my lids to show the effect and unique colours you can make from the shadows; A little bit of Moonlight on the brow bone, some Copper on the lid, and Amethyst in the crease and lash line to emphasise the green in my eyes – all under two minutes and no fuss, amazing.

As you can see in the pictures, the sticks have a lovely shimmer to them and all blend down into noticable but still natural colours that flatter the skin and can get you all fancy in a few minutes – I mean, what’s not to love about that? The Caviar Sticks are just a smidge cheaper (£22 for 1.64g) than their By Terry counterparts (£29 for 1.2g) but if you can hunt down the kit it works out at £38 for six 1g sticks which saves you a lot  of money.

Super Shadow Sticks? Yeah, why not?! If you want exciting easy colour then a shadow stick may just be the ticket to transform you from smokey eye n00b to savvy smoke sista, and all in a matter of seconds. Ladies, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and pull out your pencils, it’s time to get colouring.

Are you a fan of shadow sticks? Have you bought any Laura Mercier before? Do you miss colouring books as much as I do?!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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