If there’s one drawer in my make-up stash that’s overflowing slightly too  much, it’s the lipsticks; I’m a sucker for a pretty red, purple, nude and even a lip balm or five, so when the 3 for 2 offers roll round at Boots or my Space NK vouchers are calling out from my purse, I’m pretty partial to buying a few new bits that will make my lips rock.

There may be a few too many similar shades, but let’s be honest each one is different in it’s own way – keep telling yourself that Lauren  – and I’ve definitely been able to pick out the most-loved formulas from the bunch that will go with me everywhere, plus the lip care products that keep my pout in perfect condition. So sit back and get your pen ready to add some of these lip lovers to your wishlist – you won’t be disappointed…

Let’s start with the base, because everyone wants soft smooth lips that make application a dream; if your lips are a bit flaky or dry, just a gentle scrub with an exfoliator and flannel will soothe any dry areas and leave you with a supple base, which will need a lot of lip balm on top to protect the new skin. I personally like to use something organic and natural that will be kind to my skin in the long run, so for an intense overnight treatment I use the PapayaGold PawPaw Moisturising Balm* which contains Active Manuka Honey 20+ meaning it contains a much higher level of active healing properties to draw healing fluids and nutrition to areas that are wounded or a bit delicate, giving them essential moisture and a bit of a medical pamper whilst you sleep. Another benefit to the balm is that it’s suitable anywhere on the skin, so if you have eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis then I can 100% vouch for this product to clear up your irritated and sore dry areas – my hands feel uh-mazing  finally!

Another lip balm that I use throughout the day is the Hurraw! Lip Balm* which is raw and vegan friendly – can I get a huge woop?! Before I finally got my paws on this, I read that in our life time we will all consume seven pounds of lip product, which considering a large proportion of it isn’t natural or that great for your insides, is pretty gross, so making a switch to a daily lip balm that is vegan, raw, gluten-free, organic, and has a basis of oils including coconut, jojoba, olive and cacao butter plus  some insanely great infused flavours is just a no brainer in my opinion. I’m absolutely loving the fresh Lime flavour in the morning, and I’m already eyeing up Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and Cinnamon for my collection…

So we’ve got a base, and to make my lipstick look even more super duper I do like to line my lips – it really does help your lipstick last longer and they can even be a great shade to wear alone with some balm for total ease. A nude, a brown, a pink and red are essential liners to have in your collection, and I personally love drugstore brands such as Rimmel for theirs as they last all day and have great pigmentation with no drag, but I am eyeing up a few from MAC including Stone and Soar – who isn’t after Soar these days?!

As much as I love a liner, I’m a much bigger fan of the lipstick, so here’s where we get into some real lip loving. Now, nude shades tend to be ‘my lips don’t exist’ or a bit too pink, but I’ve found a happy medium that looks fabulous over a brown, nude, pink or even red liner, and of course on it’s own – the Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in No.5 Mademoiselle; this is a bit creamier than the normal texture I’d usually go for, but it is a bit more matte and hydrating than MAC Sheen Supreme formulas – which personally all go to edge of your lips and slide everywhere with minimal even coverage. The colour is a lovely pink/brown with a lavender base which makes it much more suitable to natural lip colours for that hint of something without making it a huge deal to touch up during the day, and the design of the lipstick itself is gorgeous – a sleek black case that clicks so no lost lids or smudged colours, plus it’s a great shape to apply to the whole of your mouth.

Chanel’s lip prices are quite consistent with other luxury brands so if you’re looking for a shade that you’ll wear every day with a comfortable, full-proof formula that definitely try the Roge Coco range.

On the more budget end of the spectrum but still just as high-quality are the Sleek True Colour Lipsticks, which I have absolutely fallen for. Very similar in consistency to Chanel but with a few more bright and bold shades which are fun to rock and experiment with, I particularly love Loved Up* which is an awesome blue-based pink, as well as the Chanel dupe Liqueur*. As I said the formula is similar to Chanel, being a bit matte and highly pigmented but with a bit of cream to keep your lips hydrated through the day, you can’t go wrong with these on a budget.

If you want to get a bit more experimental though, Sleek also have these great Lip 4 Palettes which are perfect for the budding make-up artist in you – you can mix and match 4 shades and formulas to create your own signature pout, and I love using the Showgirl* palette to create a deep yet bold pink – if you’ve read this post you’ll know that I find it hard to wear pink sometimes, so this palette is a dream to create my own wearable shade!

For something a bit more balmy but with big pigmentation, then you need the Revlon ColourBurst Matte Lip Balms in your life. These apply like a dream with a natural coverage that really injects some colour, and I couldn’t live without Sultry for gorgeous everyday lips, or Audacious for a really easy way to wear a bold orange. Usually a matte finish is very bold, clingy, and in an orange can look a bit much during the day without the right make-up to compliment, so the fact that the Revlon balms are matte but softer in their coverage and colour make this loud shade easy to throw on and re-apply during the day, plus it’s very easy to use over or as a base for other shades – 10 points for multi purpose lipstick!

Finally, the brand with all the shades at a mid range price, packing a punch with the mattes, is of course MAC; I cannot fault the formula of their best-selling lipsticks and the colour is exactly what you want. Russian Red will forever and always be my perfect red – blue toned, matte and long-lasting, non-drying, goes with everything, you really can’t get much better! Morange is another fabulous shade which is perfect under Revlon’s Audacious if you want to tone it down, or think SS15 and let it take centre stage with bold brows and natural skin – it really brightens and adds warmth to the face. There will always be at least ten shades of MAC Lipstick on my wishlist, and their dark purples and reds are forever flawless in coverage and longevity – an essential for every woman’s make-up bag.

Lipstick problem? What lipstick problem?!  Hopefully this has given you some formula inspiration, and successfully added at least five new lipsticks to your wishlist – apologies now for any enabling, but how can you resist?! Lips are such an easy way to project your personality and brighten up your smile with a splash of gorgeous colour, and natural lip care will make your lips feel and look even more magnificent in the long-term so it’s all worth the investment – and overflowing lip drawers

Now please excuse me whilst I open up several tabs for Sleek, MAC and Hurraw!, it seems I have some more lip loving to catch-up on…

Are you a lipstick fan? What’s your favourite brand or shade? Are you a convert of natural lip products or Manuka Honey?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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