Sometimes it’s good to be naughty, but naughty doesn’t have to mean going overboard and having regrets in the morning oh no; sometimes, naughty can be good, delicious, and down-right mind blowing that you can see yourself indulging in said naughtiness on more than one occasion during the week – or day, if you’re a true bad girl 😉

This week’s naughty contender is by no means a total sinner, and it’s a twist on an old childhood classic that makes you want more than you can manage; the Jaffa Cake with a Twist combines three layers of taste, texture and true decadence that keeps your taste-buds tingling and totally satisfied – a chocolate lover’s heaven. What’s even more exciting is that this cake has a healthy twist (of course) which shouldn’t surprise you, so you don’t have to feel that  guilty then you’re on your second cake for the night – I won’t judge you, you’re a true hero!

Another great edge to this bake is that can absolutely make it your own – don’t fancy the fruit and nut tiffin base? That’s fine! Use digestive biscuits, Rice Krispies, Oreos, just nuts, Ginger nuts, maybe even Puffed Quinoa Cereal – the possibilities to make it unique are endless, so get your Jaffa juice going and delve into something saintfully sinful…

Ingredients (serves 5 large cases)

For the Tiffin Base   40-45g Dark/Dairy-Free High Quality Chocolate | Almonds | Pumpkin Seeds | Cacao Nibs | Cranberries | Pistachios | Rolled Oats

For the Cake   50g Dairy Free Butter | 50g Sugar (I use either XyloBrit or Biona Rapadura Sugar) | Valencia Orange Flavouring | 45g Rice Flour | 20g Cocoa Powder | ½ Tsp Baking Powder | ½ Tsp Minvita Aguaje Powder | No-Egg Egg Replacer

For the Ganache   20-30g Dark/Dairy-Free High Quality Chocolate | Almond Milk | Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

1. Melt the chocolate in a bainmarie until just it starts to become liquid; make sure it’s all melted to perfection and leave off the heat whilst you chop up any large nuts or components for the base.

2. Stir in the nuts/seeds/base into the chocolate until combined and the chocolate covers all the chopped pieces. Spoon the mix into a lined muffin tray and press until level and forms a crumb base. Allow to cool and set to one side.

3. The idea behind this cake is that all the ingredients are the same weight as one egg; if you want to make double then use two medium eggs to find the weight in grams and use the measurement for all the other components. In a new bowl, weigh out and cream together the butter, sugar and orange flavouring.

4. In another bowl, weigh out all the dry ingredients and sift half into the wet mixture. Using the No-Egg, make 1 whole egg and another ½  to equate the mix, and stir into the mix. Add the remaining flour and comine until gloriously gooey and chocolaty.

5. Spoon the mixture to cover each tiffin base and level out, and then cook in a pre-heated oven at 180°c for 30-40 minutes – make sure the cake is not a mousse texture when taken out, and leave to bake longer until it becomes more cake like – this is due to the egg, but is completely okay!

6. Keep the cakes in the tin, and melt the remaining chocolate to combine with a splash of milk and Choc Shot until a ganache forms – it should be glossy and thick enough to spread but be firm. Blob in the centre and spread out until it covers the top. Take to cool, and then decorate with cacao nibs before tucking in!

Chocolate levels are in overload, but it’s so worth it. The level of texture and flavour help make such a rich and dark pudding easier to eat, with the crunchy bottom packed with nuts and seeds lightening the flavours whilst the cake retains a gorgeous moisture against the orange flavouring that tastes just as good as a Jaffa Cake, and the chocolate top just seals in all the flavour and creaminess to make this cake one of pure satisfaction.

If you’re wanting a more sophisticated sweet treat, then these will tick many boxes – health(ier) ingredients mixed with the darkest high quality cocoa and cacao that compliments the orange, cranberry and pistachio perfectly. I’m practically salivating.

So long Jaffa Cakes, you’re naughtiness levels just don’t reach the leagues of these delicious goodies. Tip your halo just slightly with this rogue treat that will make you convert to the dark (chocolate) side of life – now, to use my powers for good or evil……

Are you a fan of Jaffa Cakes? What is your saintly or naughty treat? Are you practically licking the screen (because I am)?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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