One of my most frequently asked questions in life is, “Do you want a cup of tea?”. Guaranteed whilst working, at breakfast, lunch, dinner, out and about or just out the shower, there will be a cup of tea nearby with my name on it. I can’t remember quite when the obsession began, but I do know that once I’d had my first kick of peppermint, I wasn’t going back to hot chocolates, or even daring to try coffee and mocha long-term…

I’ve done my fair round of testing to find flavours and brands that suit my tea needs, so if you’re on the lookout for your next drink sensation, here’s the brands and flavours you need to try;

For the brand that does it all  Whether it’s a drink to sooth my throat or something to wake me up in the morning, I can always rely on Pukka Herbs for great tasting flavours that last at least 3 mugs of tea. Need a minty refresh to start your day? Three Mint is bursting with the fresh flavour of spearmint, freshmint and peppermint that cleans your palette and gets you moving; For a warming tummy pleaser, Three Cinnamon, Three Ginger and Vanilla Chai all hit the spot and if you’re looking to cut down on the sweet snacks, a cup of these after dinner or between meals will give you that treat sensation without grabbing a bit of chocolate from the fridge. Maybe you have a bit of a sore throat coming? No problemo amigo, just whack some hot water over the Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey tea bag and you’re good to go – you can really feel the honey soothe that cough!

For the brand that gets your body moving  Teatoxes are a pretty huge thing nowadays, just pop a special brew of herbs in a bag and voila – bye-bye water weight and cravings! There are murmurs with some brands not tasting that great or there not being much desire to continue after nothing really happens, but I’ve found great success – and taste – with StripTeas*, so much so I’ve used it twice! If you like Pukka Tea or any herbal blends, then you’re going to like this; it tastes just like your usual brew, except you can feel it working away whilst gulping down 3 decent cups of tea per bag and  you can see and feel a difference. You can read my full review, but for the long and short of it, I noticed a real difference in my appetite, snacking, and in the dramatic lack of bloat around my stomach – thank you herbs! And if that isn’t enough to excite you, you can get 10% off any order using BRITTONLOVES10 at the checkout – thank me later 😉

So to sum it all up, in a nation that is graced with good tea to solve all your problems – be it a bad breakup or to get you skipping to the loo a bit quicker in the morning (sorry) – there is no shortage of great quality, mug-filling, flavour shaking teas to make your taste buds and tummy smile through the magic of natural herbs and flavours. If you’re looking to convert to herbal tea, what to try something new, or maybe you too are just a bit of a tea addict, come draw up a chair with the rest of us and repeat, “there’s no better drink than tea…”

Are you an avid tea drinker? Are you fan of herbal or breakfast tea? What is your fave brand and flavour tea?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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