I’ve proclaimed enough times now on this blog that I am a colour lover; any which way I can inject something non-black into my look I will do it, yet there’s one shade that as much as I like to look of, I find a little difficult to get on my nails and face at a regular occurrence: pink.

The classic ‘girly girl’ shade always seems to accumulate in my collection but actually putting it on or wearing it makes me go a bit weird, and them I’m straight back to the plums and reds I can work with. But what’s the big deal? To be honest, there’s no fear of pink, I just never thought it was my thing and never quite found the right shade to wear. Slowly but surely though I have been finding ways to get it on my face, and beat the old thoughts of baby pink looking ridiculous on my nails – commencing pink ladies transformation…

Pink has been refreshed and updated season after season, and the colours are a lot fresher and bolder than before which I can totally get on board with. I’ve found that blue based shades such as Barry M Lip Paint 147 (now 52) and Oriflame The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick in Forever Plum* suit my yellow/cool-toned skin best as they are quite bold and vibrant whilst being refreshing to the complexion. When my skin warms up a bit though through the summer seasons, I’ll occasionally delve into the peach and pink-blue tones such as MAC Snob (very baby girl, need a tanned bronze look!) which layers well with a coral MAC Blossom Culture. For times when you want to rock a real real  pink nude, I like the peachy knock-back of MAC Myth which is oh so wrong but oh so right when you’ve got a smokey eye going, really helps bring more focus to the face with a pale lip – plus, no noticeable smudged lippy when you’re eating? Winning.

So we’re getting somewhere with the lips, but what about the eyes? Having green eyes, you’d think pink would go well – and it does – but what’s the right balance of pink without looking like you’ve been crying? Obviously, the easiest is a pink toned shimmer which adds light to your eyes without being OTT. If you want a powerful punch, you either need a really pigmented eyeshadow or a white base – I like to use white eyeliner drawn on top of some primer as a base, and then any pale or bold colour will just wow. The Sleek Oh So Special i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette* has some key peachy coral shades that enhance your natural lid colour but blend beautifully with a purple, gold, brown or darker pink for a subtle spring smoke and is much easier to wear. Contrast is a must but make it subtle; choose browns and more natural liners and less mascara to keep it from looking too 90’s disco.

Aside from lips, nails are pretty easy to pull off – given you aren’t scared of baby pink. As the spring nears, I am more inclined to add a wash of dusty pink to my nails, but a nice candy shade can work if you make it bold – pop some white polish on underneath and pow it screams twice as loud but has a really good true colour. If you’re a dab handy with the nail art or mixing, try a baby pink base with some dark pink dots, or layer an opaque pink over a candy colour for a more muted hue – experiment and made the shade fit you!

Pink; well maybe we got off on the wrong foot. Sure, everyone has a colour they stay away from, but there’s so many shades out there that there’s bound to be one to suit you. Rather than being pained in pink this year, I’m going to embrace the shades in my collection and make this former pink fiend a candied convert to the world of rose-tinted prettiness. Give me a bomber jacket ladies, I’m hooked!

Are you a pink make-up lover? Do you have a shade you cannot wear, or prefer not to? What do you find hardest to wear make-up wise?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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