Juicing is one of the many phrases you hear in January along with ‘cleanse’, ‘health kick’ ‘trying to eat healthy’, ‘detox’ and ‘WHEN IS IT SUMMER?!’. Personally, as much as I like juicing, it’s a faff in the winter to get all the veg and fruit and start blending away, which is a poor excuse I know but I’d rather whip out my oats and cup of peppermint tea to get my hanger squashed. 

So when it comes to easy, clean juices to go alongside lunch or as a snack, I’ve been quite impressed with a couple of brands found in supermarkets and online that do amazing blends of fruit and veg that last for days and  taste awesome mixed together. 

For the past few shops now, we’ve had a fridge stocked with cold-pressed juices and smoothies to get our diets filled with a bit more zing, and to make sure there’s more fruit than veg going into our bellies – we’re vegetable fiends in this household. The most reasonably priced ones – with delicious flavours to boot, and a large enough quantity – come from Savse, Coldpress, Vegesentials, and Waitrose Own. Out of all of these, Vegesentials and Savse have higher proportions of fruit and veg content, whilst the others are mainly fruit juice or puree; that’s fine to get started with flavour or to mix with a smoothie but it’s not the raw goodness you’re looking for.

As I said, you want value and taste for your money, and you want to make sure you’re getting a range of veg blended into them apples – Savse and Vegesentials both contain parsnip, broccoli, kale and beetroot which may sound a bit iffy but trust me, it enhances the flavour without overpowering – yay for sneaky veg! Ideally when making or buying a juice, you want at least 40-60% veg so the natural sugars don’t cause your blood sugar to go haywire, but also because veg is very nutritionally dense and juicing allows you to get more veg into your body than eating them at every meal (unless you are me, whereby every meal is loaded with more vegetables than you can shake a wooden spoon at).

A key issue with juicing is whether you get enough fibre, and naturally eating whole fruits and vegetables will give you all the fibre contained within, but juices and smoothies break down the fibre so it is easier to digest – yet you still lose a proportion of this. The best way to get some of the fibre back into your juice and diet – and preventing uncomfortable moments on the toilet, it will happen if you don’t drink water or consume fibre – is to add supplements or superfoods. I personally add Moringa powder – which has 1g of Fibre to every 2g Carbs – which along with loads of other nutrients give you a large proportion of your daily vitamins including Vitamin A and all of B, and also Magnesium and Protein. You can also mix in flaxseed and chia which help to boost you intake of fibre and keep you feeling fuller for longer due to the seeds expanding when in contact with water.

Since starting to use ready made juices, I’ve felt fuller and bit more energised but I am more aware of how lacking my diet was in sugar. I don’t eat a lot of chocolate or consume large quantities of fruit due to it racing through my blood stream super quick – making me very chatty, and a bit spotty – so when I’ve had less green, veg based juices in the mix, I’ve felt a bit sickly afterwards.

It’s also made me see juices as a ‘once daily boost’ to my diet – I only drink about 1 – 1 ½ glasses of juice a day, sipping throughout the morning and late afternoon to just fill me up a little and to get a dose of fruit without feeling crap at not eating and also not overdoing the sugar. Of course everyone is each to their own, but through juicing it’s key to detox and cleanse in the right way; start slow and build up, don’t be deprived and be conscious of living a healthy lifestyle. Jumping straight into a juice can make you feel worse than before, so before you go the whole-hog try a juice for breakfast, and then some between meals before you attempt a day of cleansing – make sure they are high in vegetables! Afterwards, keep them mixed into your diet with soups, clean meals packed with fibre and protein, and before late-afternoon so you don’t get a sugar spike before bed – worse than Pinterest scrolling at 11:30pm and fighting sleep, I’ll tell you!

Having these pre-made cold pressed juices in the fridge has definitely made me less inclined to hit the snacks, and I’ve seen our plates get a little smaller too which is always good when trying to be balanced (and not eating your body weight in sweet potatoes or almonds every day #thedream ). I’m really impressed with the range found on Ocado as they are all amazing quality and have a long date on them which is good if you are juicing for a long period of time, and the ease of just mixing up some flavours in the morning makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and easy to stick too.

So if you’re looking for easy clean juices in the winter with good range of flavour, then definitely check out the Savse and Vegesential ranges until you feel warm enough to crack out the juicer again – Summer, I’m coming for you…

Have you tried any of these juice ranges? What’s your favourite ingredients in a juice? Would you or have you cleansed with juices?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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