January is always one of those months that feels really slow but then suddenly comes to an end, and you begin questioning ‘how on earth is it the end already?’ Before we all get into the pattern of saying ‘2015 is flying fast’, let’s rewind it a bit and see what happened in January – if anything at all…

In reality, not a lot really happens during this first month – I think Christmas takes it out of everyone, and there’s money to save, jobs to hide from, resolutions to keep, so it’s quite on the downlow and a real chill fest which I must admit I quite enjoy. With that in mind, I found it quite hard to roundup the things I’ve loved this month; I haven’t gone and tried anything out of the ordinary, and there’s not been many new products in my life, but surely enough, the beauty box came out again and proclaimed ‘hey, you’ve been using me a lot this month and I’m new, pick me!’, so it’s time to shine a light on what January a little more bearable.

The main goal I’ve had this year is to sort out my skin, and by that I mean clear, flawless skin with no lingering pores or blemishes, and certainly no messing. I’ve upped my routine a bit my making sure I exfoliate regularly (for once) and by doing lots of masks to keep my skin renewed and clean; to take off those old and dead layers of skin, I’m been loving the marmalade texture and magic of REN Glycolacitc Radiance Renewal Mask which works wonders in making my skin look brighter and clearer whilst minimizing bumps and raised bits on the skin. To scrub deep and clean out those pores, I’ve loved the Quick Fix Exfoliating Scrub Mask – an absolute steal for under £3 at TK Maxx (under £5 from Boots), and whilst exfoliating and unclogging the pores, it gets to work by lifting any excess dry skin and dead cells off the face for an incredibly  soft finish to the skin.

I’ve spoken a lot now on Egyptian Magic which to me is the new holy grail in my routine, so I’ll save you the speech and let you read the review. However, I will say though that since using it every night with my face mask routine, my skin has been happily nourished, calm and clear, and super soft in the mornings – you can’t fault magic. Another nourishing beauty comes from MyChelle in the form of their Advanced Argan Oil*, leaving my skin perfectly balanced each morning without being overly oily – makes it soft to the touch which I love!

In line with my ‘wear a lipstick everyday’ rule, I’ve really been loving my reds and I’m finally converted to NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama; it’s exactly ‘my lips but better’, a beautiful dusty pink/brown base with a burnt red punch that gives you that just bitten day-to-night pout to last for hours. It does have a drying tendency but if you layer up the lip balm beforehand you’ll be good to go. Of course, the all time favourite red goes to MAC Russian Red for a perfect Burberry SS15 dupe – more on that look next month – it just brightens the face and teeth thanks to the blue base, and lasts all day, perfect condition, no need to top up or worry about bleeding.

Finally to come out of all the winter and Christmas colours, my nails have been calling for a bright but still frosty looking finish, so out come all the clean nudes; lots of pale greys, blues, silvers and near whites which lighten up your look and hands but still have that winter edge to them – I’ve particularly loved Ciate London Chinchilla which is a gorgeous pale grey-blue, matches my new bedroom perfectly!

So January has been once of clean, clear, and nourishing factors, and all these new products and new shades have got me excited for new season launches and the prospect of a Spring clean-up. It’s funny how products can reflect your life at the moment – as much as I’m cleaning up my skin, I’m cleaning up the house to hopefully go on a new adventure, and painting my nails all the blue shades under the sun couldn’t be more reflective of my new bedroom – there’ll be a little tour for that, don’t you worry 😉

Whilst January may have felt like the longest month, it’s be one to sit back and chill out with, to reset and just get back to life with a new mindset; I just hope the rest of the year is as chill, don’t you?

What have you been loving this January? Have you tried any of these products? What’s your current favourite lipstick shade?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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