This photo pretty much sums me up with partying, late-nights, and how I’ve been dressed most of 2014, but more to the point, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I was more than happy for our NYE party to finish at 9PM so I could hop on into my pyjamas as seen above, and to enjoy those last few hours of the year with a Pukka tea and some thinking about the year to come.

2015 sounds quite futuristic doesn’t it? Although it’s not quite as spacey as predicted in Back to the Future, the odd numbers gives you a feeling that this year is quite…advanced so to say. 2014 was a great year for me, and it took looking back to realise how lucky I was (in comparison to the times I was being all mopey about life) so my goal this year is to take it up another level – more work, more effort, more upon more of more, constantly living and experiencing as much as I can.

As I’m turning the 21 this year – is it really this  year?! – I want to make this step into real adulthood one to remember, and although I’m not one to do resolutions anymore there are things I would like to achieve come 31st December 2015…

Firstly, I want to be happy. The most important thing about life is to do what makes you happy, surrounding yourself with those who make you smile and feel at ease; eating, drinking, going places and working places that make you feel happy. I don’t see my approach to life as conventional, but then why the hell should it be conventional? By making the decisions I have chosen so far, I’ve had experiences others would only dream of, and I feel this is only the beginning of things to come.

Something I didn’t do a lot last year was travel. Back and forth constantly to the capital has been fun and now London is so easy to navigate and I know most places well, but I want to know more about Europe and America. I want to visit NYC again (without the rushed timetable planned by my school), and LA, and it’s been a wish of mine to spend my birthday in Paris or Rome as I love the food and culture there. My inner Liz Gilbert is coming out now…

A lot of my wishes and wants revolve around spending money on things, and that’s been a challenge to get over, so I want to relax and learn how to indulge and treat myself. Since I was 16 I’ve wanted a Macbook, better camera and Photoshop so I can push my photography further, but I’ve never invested in the things I need to do so. This year I want to treat myself, especially with the things that went on in my life and how tired I was, so I’d like to have some sun, earn myself some treats, and buy some things for me, from me.

Career is a big cloud to loom over many people and even I still don’t know fully what I want to be in life, but I do know that I want Britton Loves to grow more and more. I’d love by the end of the year to hit, let’s say, 5,000 followers across all of my social media, to see my posts grow and influence more, and to maybe dabble in a bit of talky-talky on YouTube. Writing has been something I’ve missed since leaving education, and writing here every day is making me want to produce more exciting and interactive content for you to to read and come back to.

Finally, to lighten up all the serious 2015 goals, I think life should be one of fun, class, and experiementation, so I aim to wear a new colour lipstick everyday. Whether it’s a pyjama day, a working day, an out day, a Sunday, I want to wear a new lipstick colour each day to brighten my mood and make me feel a little snazzy in my skin. Here come the MAC lipstick haul….

As you can clearly see, this post is brought to you by the NYE selfies I took at our surprise party – for someone very much against wearing all black, I was pretty much head-to-toe in it minus some Laura Mercier Amethyst and Cocoa Caviar Stick – but it’s also a reflection of who I am and the person I’m becoming, which is the most important thing about any given human and the life they lead regardless of a new year.

Whether you want to relax more in your pyjamas, dress up more, take more selfies, travel the world, change your career, or reflect and express the person you want to be, make the conscious decision to see yourself as a better person in 2015, surrounding yourself in all the happiness you deserve and making time for you. 

Life should not be dictated by targets, expectations or what is acceptable to wear at a certain time of day (there’s always time for fairisle in Summer and novelty socks to work), LIFE should be enjoyed, full of leaps of faith and laughter, so make those small changes and little moments this year to bring yourself into a balanced 2015. Be 100% committed and 100% deserving of all the joy you deserve this year, because you never know what joy it could bring.

What do you hope to achieve in 2015? Does 2015 sound a bit futuristic to you? How did you spend the last hours of 2014?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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