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Before we start, I have to state that this was hands down one of the Top 3 things that’s happened to me since I started Britton Loves a few years ago. To give you a sneak peek would be to say I met some amazing Youtubers and bloggers, plus picked up loads of blogging tips, but now that your expectations are high and your senses all intrigued, let me get on with what the post is actually about – The Beauty Quarter at Covent Garden.

A few weeks ago, Katie Snooks launched a competition to join her at Covent Garden for Saturday’s #TheBeautyQuarter demos, and to go have an awesome afternoon filled with cakes, gossip and beauty shopping – right up my street, I don’t need any more convincing. Skip forward to me checking my phone half-asleep the day before the event, and I’d only gone and bloomin’ won a spot – que dancing in my slippers, so chic.
Putting my new best dress on – courtesy of Bitter Lollipop – I headed on down into Central (trying and failing to beat the London crowds and traffic) to finally meet Katie and see what fun and excitement the day would bring.

Meeting the girls at Laduree, I got to see Josie again and meet the lovely Angelica and Eleanor along with Katie herself and Hannah who helped organise the day. Katie is such a lovely girl and made myself and everyone else feel so welcome and was easy to talk to, which was so nice after her reading her blog for so long.
One of the best bits? Set down in front of me were three tiered stands (almost) full of Laduree’s specialty cakes including their new Christmas selection. Pure heaven. I only managed half of one cake because they were an absolute decadence, but hey it had Cacao Nibs on it so it’s totally okay!

Also an absolute showstopper was this Pineapple masterpiece, made up of a chocolate lid which when removed revealed a slice of baked pineapple on a rum-soaked sponge, which you could smell from a good few meters away. I heard it was very intense but the craftsmanship of each dessert is totally worth the luxury, would 100% go again for a taste of those Chocolate macarons, so good.

After wrapping up the desserts, we were presented a little bag of Best Bits from Katie’s favourite Covent Garden beauty boutiques (more on the contents of that in another post) which was more than amazing, especially with some cult brands I’ve been wanting to try for ages inside. Already on a little high – mainly from the sugar – Katie led the way around some of the luxury beauty brand stores, which for some are the one and only standalone stores you will find for the brand so it’s great to looking around an exclusive place.

Spotted in Dior was my spicy, winter perfume kick from the Dior Addict Eau de Parfum – very dangerous as I’ve already been eyeing up Tom Ford Black Orchid and now I have another scent to add to my wishlist – oops. As we meandered, the girls and I exchanged tips and products on what we were wearing or loving lots, bonding over the oh-so-amazing thing that is make-up and beauty – so much enabling in one place is fatal on the purse but we were okay in that department thankfully!

Also spotted was this very amazing Lego Sleigh, complete with Santa and Reindeers which were about to take flight to the North Pole (or one can only assume so) – I can only imagine how long it took to build such a statement, and question why Santa was wearing a rather fetching MAC Snob inspired lip…

Bobbi Brown was the stuff beauty legends are made of, and I was not disappointed in the vast range of products and colours available. From creamy concealers to foundation balms, I would have been happy living there to be perfectly honest. The decor was also so fun and bold, which is a perfect reflection of the brand, and I can say I am fully converted now thanks to the girls – who knew make-up could make you so excited?!

One last pit-stop before the talks began, to the one and only Urban Decay, which had only been open about 25 hours according to the girls there so to be one of the first few to scout the place out was awesome. The walls are lined in palettes; from NAKED to VICE and standalone shades, it was an abode of glitter, sparkle and ‘please buy me now’.

As a little sneak peek to the new store, we were shown around the downstairs area which included a toilet decked out in wallpaper that featured all the dogs of Urban Decay employees (Urban Decay Dogs it’s called, better check that hashtag if you love dogs and make-up!), a very luxurious corner for getting your make-up done whilst gazing at piles of palettes, and, of course, a photobooth. I’ve never seen so many like-minded selfie lovers pile as quickly into a photobooth as we did, but about 5 photos later we all had these super cute purple print-outs to keep, plus a gif that was emailed over afterwards – genius!

Having so much fun at #TheBeautyQuarter with the #ladieswholaduree 💕💅 #UDBoutique #bbloggers @josieldn @katesnooks @onelittlevice

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Finally after all our browsing and beauty loving, we headed over to the tent where all the talks would be that afternoon. As part of the competition, all five of us had front row seats at the fabulous PixiWoo talk, and not only are Sam and Nic totally gorgeous IRL, but they are so informative with every part of makeup and beauty.
I got to ask a few questions for my mum which they answered in so much detail, I swear my mum will never have a problem with filling her brows again, and, spoiler, you can hear me asking my question and Nic answering it in Tanya’s vlog at 6:25, because Jim, Tanya and Jim, Sam and Nic’s Mum turned up mid talk which was just another level of awesome – sat frow with big Youtubers I watch whilst talking to big Youtubers I watch, it doesn’t get better than that!

To go along with the event, Covent Garden were using #TheBeautyQuarter hashtag which displayed all tagged media on a screen during the chat – on more than one occasion did our pictures and tweets take over the screen! With a few FROW snaps on the go, I picked up more than enough tips from Sam and Nic to make sure my red lip is forever on point, and that my ever faithful MAC Studio Fix may be oxidizing my face a little – ooer, time for a change….

Also during the chat, the girls talked us through their fave staples and what products they had picked up around the square that day (and we were allowed to spritz/apply to our hearts content although I refrained on the Dior – the force is strong with this one). From a dreamy Aveda moisturiser, to the most beautiful pink lip-liner from Bobbi Brown called Ballet Pink, my wishlist is even longer than before. It was cute also how Sam and Nic gave Tanya tips on Anastasia Brow Wiz mid talk – we’re all learning something new in the beauty world each day!

On the FROW at #TheBeautyQuarter yesterday – deeply intent on the beauty chat by @pixiwoos @nixiepixi1 💅 also sat with the lovely @jimstweetings @tanyaburr @katesnooks @onelittlevice @josieldn #regram @coventgardenldn #coventgarden #london #beauty #youtubers

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We skipped the meet and greet once the talk was over, especially as we’d got to talk to both Sam and Nic, and headed off to get our do’done by Blo. To tide us over between curls and backcombing was another awesome photobooth – oh you know what’s going to happen now, more selfies! There were some real derp faces but hilarious nonetheless, these girls know how to selfie with pride!

I got some extra curls put in which made me look a little bit younger but with my beanie it was uber-cute – loving my new short’do for Alexa Chung inspired waves and teased volume, so easy to style and wash again. More photobooth sessions were had before we said bye to Angelica, and then we hot-footed it over to the tent again for Katie’s talk, where we got to talk to Tanya and Jim’s Mum properly – both such lovely ladies, and if you read this, thank you for having a chat 🙂 I will say now that when I text mum my selfie with Tanya, she did a little cry – bless her. She knows her priorities.

Met the gorgeous @tanyaburr who looked uber Christmassy 🎅🎄 #TheBeautyQuarter #bbloggers #coventgarden #tanyaburr #youtubers

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Katie was going to demonstrate a statement red lip and smokey eye with the products she’d bought us, whilst answering some all important blogging qs, so we got back in our frow seats to have a little makeover before the night ended and get all the juice on successful beauty blogging.

Back on the board again – who run the world? #LadiesWhoLaduree 😉

Katie created a gorgeous smokey eye on Josie – I cannot wait to start using Star Violet as my new smokey shadow of choice! – and talked about the importance of where to use product and how it helps emphasise the eyes, an area I personally love to stand out more so all tips were duly noted. Then it was onto my red lip, which we used the Chanel Rouge Double Intensity for, and I have to admit the colour stayed on until I got home at 10pm, amazing. More on that another time though….

Katie did a fabulous job of talking to the tent about her life working as a blogger and at Gleam, and what she looked for in blogs and content which has really helped me think more about what I want to be putting out into the world. It was lovely also to spot some of her family who came to support, and Katie absolutely killed the crowd.

All good things come to an end though, and once Katie was wrapped up it was home time for us. I seriously cannot thank Katie enough for picking me along with the other 4 girls to come and join her on this day – most would never get to experience the full day and everything that happened until later on in a successful blog career so I appreciate fully everything I learnt and everyone I met during the day.

Katie is such a lovely open person, and is the same as she is in her videos so go check her out if you don’t watch/read her work already (you’re missing out). I learnt loads about Gleam, social media content and the world of beauty blogging so I cannot wait to put all these tips and tricks into practise, and hey, who knows, maybe one day I’ll be giving a talk 😉

Did you head down to #TheBeautyQuarter last week? Are you a fan of PixiWoo or Tanya Burr? What’s your fave luxury beauty brand?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

Photos taken by myself and Eleanor. Thank you for sending them over! x

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