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Since finishing my foundation course, I haven’t had much to do with art (except for my COMPANY Magazine feature) and the various areas which fall under the category. To say I’ve missed it would be quite the understatement, so it would be ideal then for Logitech UK to invite me down to Shoreditch to explore the expansive Graffiti Art scene whilst playing around with their new iPad accessories.

Firstly, I have to express how amazing the Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch is; great quirky decor which is a mix of steel, wood, contemporary high-end design with a bit of home comfort thrown in – I wouldn’t mind living here to be frank. 

Set up in The Apartment for a morning breakfast, we got to grips with the new Keys To Go technology including the Keys To Go Keyboard, which is compatible with all models of the iPad, and is so super slim it fits in any bag, plus it’s perfect if you are a bit messy as the water-repellent FabricSkin protects the keyboard from spills and crumbs; and also the AnyAngle iPad Case, which whilst protecting your iPad Air 2 or Mini, also has an integrated stand so that it adjusts for you wherever you are – perfect for on the go during an art tour!

To guide us into the world of Instagram for business and personal success was Kate Forster – who’s work is really beautiful and clean, absolutely love it – who explained the important of geo-tagging, hashtags, and Rule of Thirds (that was a real throwback to Photography A-Level) when posting online, and when capturing the art tour on our social media platforms to share the easy use of the Logitech Accessories.

Guiding our tour was a member of the Graffiti Kings, Frank aka Steam 156, who was amazingly informative of every corner of Shoreditch’s art culture. A dedicated Graffiti artist himself, who has travelled the world and written books on Street and Graffiti art, Frank showed us some amazing key pieces from the likes of Banksy, Ben Wilson, Ben Eine and Paul Don Smith with an extensive history of how graffiti came to be in East London.

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First Challenge with @LogitechUK #KeysToGo – Love this small painted house on a street corner #graffiti #art #london #design #blog

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Originally born in LA, graffiti made it’s way to London in the 1980’s, and has grown from it’s initial roots as a form of vandalism to a successful and profitable art form. From Banksy to Frank himself, graffiti and street artists have produced books, films, clothing lines and collaborations with top fashion houses due to the exciting and dominating messages the artists project through direct and bold art designs.

The vast array of art to discover around Shoreditch would take hours, however in the time we spent with Frank, snapping away on our iPads and cameras, we learnt a great deal about what the artists wanted to achieve and what work they had produced from start to finish. One of my favourite areas was a long street commissioned by Global Street Art, which was covered in so many mediums; from wheatpaste posters and stickers, to spray paint and stencils, the whole row was amazing to look at and photograph.

Reflections ☔️ @LogitechUK #KeysToGo #art #graffiti #london #reflection #bloggers

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After a few hours freezing my fingers off in the name of art, I was very happy to head back over to The Apartment for some food and to chat graffiti whilst using the Keys To Go keyboard to blog about the day. With a little pile of bread – my weakness, and a treat – Kate helped guide us with our chosen images and suggested lots of ways to edit photos on photography apps which was really useful, before we talked more with Frank about his personal graffiti highlights and the history of certain artists success. I have to say I came away a lot more informed and wishing we’d been taught about graffiti and street art more in school, as it’s a very current and influential part of culture now, but I digress – on to keeping my fingers warm!

Uploading and writing up my thoughts on the day was made so easy on the iPad Air, especially with the Keys To Go Keyboard – which I love in Teal, so cute and bright! – and the AnyAngle case which sat at a great angle for me to type away and edit at, feeling like a perfect mini computer. It’s been enough to make me want an iPad just so I can buy the accessories, and it’s super easy to use on the go and looks sleek too – no more bulky laptops or add-ons to lug about!

The day was amazing for getting my art mojo going again, and to meet lots of lovely bloggers, artists and the Logitech team was fabulous – as my last picture quotes, ‘Intent is Everything’, and I intend to get my art and photography game back on again.

Everything you need☝️ @LogitechUK #KeysToGo #art #artist #graffiti #london #blog #quote

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Are you a fan of graffiti or street art? Have you tried the Logitech Keys To Go accessories for your iPad? Or are you like me and just going to get an iPad for the sake of buying all the accessories?!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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