Helloooo everyone!

Happy Boxing Day, and I hope you’ve all been having fun so far with family and friends this Christmas, hitting the online sales and overindulging on the Turkey – always a winner. It may be Boxing Day but it’s still a Fashion Friday and here’s a ‘don’t take me seriously’ outfit for you, bursting with fairisle and fluffy, cosy goodness.

If there was ever an ‘Ugly Jumpers and Leggings’ contest, this outfit would certainly win it. I won’t lie, this isn’t the most fashionable outfit I’ve ever worn, but it’s Christmas, so that calls for lots of festive fairisle. I got this jumper years ago off eBay when I wanted a really big, ugly jumper to wear instead of a basic knit at winter; it’s easily the warmest jumper I’ve ever owned being made of 100% wool – a great thermal oven of a knit I’ll have you know, and never fits under any coat. The leggings were also a mad Christmas purchase years ago too, and they’re my favourite ‘I’m popping round my mates house and it’s socially acceptable to look my worst but don’t want to wear PJs’ leggings. A nice festive Nordic ski print, easy to layer and quite warm which is surprising. Totally contrasting a screams ‘I got dressed in the dark’, but if you can’t dress in double fairisle at Christmas when can you?!

To top it all off, I’ve got my ever faithful Burberry coat on which is my winter staple and brightens up everyone’s day, my Mouse hat which keeps my hair looking big and totally cute, and the durable Jones boots that have lasted me over 6 years – for long-lasting boots, always go to Jones Bootmakers especially for the sale (very very good prices!).

So in summary, a very quick, not to be taken seriously outfit post which you probably would never wear in public but, hey ho, it’s Christmas, the excuse for everything this month. Enjoy the boxing Day sales, second lunches, and quality time spent with the family. No matter what you gave or received this year, remember to do with it style and fill it with love and care; ’tis the season to be jolly and dressed in fairisle.

Have you had a good Christmas so far? What presents did you get? Would you wear top-to-toe fairisle?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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