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Now we’re officially into Winter, it’s absolutely essential to keep our bodies and skin moisturised against the freezing cold and drying central heating. Nowadays, moisturisers come in all shapes, sizes and scents to suit your needs, and some for a little extra treat when you’re feeling fancy.

To give you the rundown of a few of my favourites would be too easy, so here’s what to look for in these and similar moisturisers, and what to use when during the different seasons from lotions to milks to oils – no Kim K butts included.

Body Lotion

A lightweight formula that’s suitable for all skin types and all year round, it’s easy to spread across your limbs and doesn’t leave a tacky residue as it’s easily absorbed. My current winter base is the E45 Intense Recovery Body Lotion*, which adds, well, intense moisture to my dry areas around the arms, back and waist as well as all over. It’s a great unscented base which you can apply under other lotions or milks if you want a certain scent but also need guaranteed hydration, such as the Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Lotion – a really lovely subtle spa scented product which is fabulous rubbed all over and leaves you feeling fresh and topped up with nourishment.

Come the summer, I want something zingy and the I Love…Lemons and Limes Body Lotion has a great bold scent to it. Slightly thicker than the previous lotions, it keeps you smelling summery and very moisturised for any summer tan you may achieve. I do find you have to use more of this to spread evenly, but it’s nice to pump on your legs, shoulders and chest come May/June time.

Body Milk

Similar to lotions, but with just a little extra summin’summin. Milks tend to have more vitamins and of course, a type of milk substance which can either be cows milk or a soy-plant based extract in more natural products. With my current Winter pick – Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Body Milk – there’s loads of provitamin B5 packed inside, made up of 93% natural ingredients including lanolin, jojoba oil and aloe juice that gives you skin that bit extra than a simple lotion. 

Milks tend to be skin conscious, replenishing you with vitamins and oils as well as hydration, so if you want a lightweight and easy to disperse product without the heavy tacky formula, make sure you got milk! 😉

Body Butter

Designed to combat the ultimate dry areas in the bleak midwinter, body butters target the knees, elbows and feet mostly and are a very thick, rich texture. It’s key to use it in smalls dabs to avoid a heavy film across you limbs due to it taking longer to absorb. I personally find body butters are sometimes too thick for my skin as it cloggs the pores and irritates my skin, but one standout favourite of mine is the Palmers Cocoa Body Butter, which has a thick consistency without all the wet heavy mess; it absorbs and nourishes those dry and tough areas, and smells so so good!

Body Oil

Now we’re more accustomed to using oils on our faces and bodies, they can be the best treat when your skin is saying ‘moisturise me, moisturise me!’. Oils are typically smooth and thick, free from chemicals and lock in moisture longer than lotions or milks, however they take a bit more work to massage into the body which can leave you with greasy hands and a slippy arm if you’re not careful!

That being said, the Clarins Contour Body Treatment Oil is a fabulous blend of oil that helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, and when heated a little really does go a long way. My new favourite for a total spa like experience is the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil*, which is a lightweight ‘dry’ oil which makes it easy for everyday application. I love that it now has a pump to stop you pouring it all over yourself (and the floor), plus it helps soothe and heal any previous scars or stretch marks – bonus! When I want to give my skin an extra bit of hydration and massage my skin, this is my go-to product for a relaxing experience that smells utterly divine.

Whether you have dry skin, normal skin or lots of skin to put products everywhere, you should definitely have at least one of each of these in your body collection as they are great for different uses and occasions. Your lightweight lotions are perfect for the summer to add hydration, but can be layered in the winter when you feel drier; milks are going to give you a boost in natural properties so use these alone in the summer to replenish lost vitamins through sweat, or layer on top of hydrating lotions in winter for extra delicious scents and goodness; treat and protect your joints with a creamy body butter all year long, and treat yourself or a loved one to an intense massage now and again with a nourishing oil to stimulate your circulation and relaxation.

You’ve only got one body, so take care in the skin that you in and flaunt your lovely moisturised limbs whenever you can.

What is your favourite body moisturiser? Do you know the difference between each type? Would you try any of these products?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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