2014 is finally coming to a close, and it only seems like a few months ago that certain events took place – or that we’ve possibly had two years in one and everyone has been lying to us at how fast the time flies. 2014 has been so unexpected in terms of many things – where in places I haven’t done things, I’ve been able to experience others beyond my imagination. I’m truly grateful for the year I’ve been able to allow myself, to grow, to work for what I want and enjoy the things I do with inspiration, love, excitement and with commitment.

Britton Loves has changed so much in a year, from the style of content to the much improved photography (even after all my studying, it’s still always being tweaked!), and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Well, maybe some of the photos, but hey ho, because what’s a learning curve without a big reward at the end? With that in mind, let’s see what made 2014 my year, and what I hope to achieve next.

I can undoubtedly say that being featured in COMPANY Magazine is one of my absolute highs, and as something many bloggers, artists, writers and so forth strive to achieve, I feel very blessed to have had my work in print before the magazine sadly closed. COMPANY is to this day still a fantastic platform for emerging content creators, and the support they’ve shown for bloggers and those who are actually inspiring this generation is beyond. When I found out I was going to be the featured photographer, it finally felt like that stamp of approval of my work being good enough for mainstream publishing. It’s opened up so many opportunities for me and it’s something amazing to show my family and friends in the future, all be forever grateful for the support I’ve seen.

Being able to work with brands and PR companies was another massive achievement, and it’s opened up my eyes to so many new businesses, products and people that have made my life pretty stylish. I work on Britton Loves 7 days a week, so to see companies recognising that and wanting to work with little ol’me is so rewarding. It’s led to me working with PR teams on how to make brands better, interning in social media, and seeing what creates success on the internet all whilst growing my blog naturally, more than I could have ever thought would happen! Meeting lovely PR girls who are always down to chat outside of work has been great too, it’s amazing what the internet can do…

Speaking of the internet, it’s allowed me to discover such amazing people and be lucky enough to meet them; if when I posted my version of Tanya Burr‘s cookies I’d have known I would have met her a year later, I’d have just nodded and brushed it off, but I did and she’s a gorgeous and sweet lady IRL. I met both my fave beauty ladies Anna and Lily – both so kind and full of laughs – in the summer as well as the lovely Katie when we hung out together in Covent Garden, which was another fabulous memory I’ll never forget. The internet has helped me find wonderful new friends – Sammy and Summer who I talk to every day, Meg who is a gorgeous and lovely girl with the same passion for healthy food and Harry Styles as me, and Kris who I finally got to meet in September, and it was just like seeing an old friend and catching up on everything and anything (mainly palettes, we love palettes).

Being able to attend and view new launches in fashion, beauty and food has been another amazing factor, where I’ve been able to meet people again and learn about what goes on backstage before the public find out – it all feels like some special club to which I’m being accepted into! From hanging out at Bloggers Festival and the M&Co SS15 Launch where I met the lovely Jennifer and Georgie, to exploring London with Logitech, eating lovely Christmas food with M&S, and having afternoon tea in Covent Garden where I got to meet Katie, Josie, Angelica and Eleanor, I feel extremely lucky with every opportunity I get to experience.

We can’t reflect on 2014 without mentioning all the yummy food for the past year can we?! With this being the year I went essentially vegan in my diet, I’ve challenged myself with the task of making yummy treats and meals without the dairy, excess sugar, meat, and not-as-great ingredients that usually come with them, and so far I’ve made some of the yummiest cakes (see this Vegan fudge cake), raw chocolate, and easy meals that both my family and I have enjoyed again and again. As the weekly food posts are a big passion of mine, I’m hoping to work with more food brands and bloggers in the new year and hopefully even expand into YouTube – but there’s more on that later 😉

2014 has been the unexpected year for me – so much has changed and happened, and it’s taught me a lot about happiness, people and what I want for myself. Looking towards 2015, there’s loads I want to achieve but overall I want to do things that push my creativity and skills into a place where I can thrive and grow. I want to build upon my photography work, to meet more of my blog friends in real life, work more within the blogging industry, and to be able to inspire others with what I have to say. On reflection, 2014 has been a fantastic year beyond imagination, and I’m so happy many of you have been here to witness the journey.

From me and Britton Loves to you, thank you for everything this 2014, and here’s to the New Year.

What have you achieved this year? Have you made any changes? What are you looking forward to in 2015?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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