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As a foodie, I love finding things I can add to my meals to give them an extra oomph with health benefits. So far, my smoothies have been boosted by spirulina, chocolate treats made healthier with cacao, and decorated my porridge with chia and flaxseeds to up my intake of minerals and nutritional good stuff that makes my body feel and perform better.

With Christmas just around the corner, baking mode has been fully activated – lots of yummy recipes coming your way 😉 – so I’ve been searching for superfoods to turn those old time treats into healthier alternatives, even with an extra slice or two! Spotting some amazing deals and brands over the past month, there are three new faves in my life which I think are going to make your meals and baking extra special too…

Lucuma Powder comes from fruits native to Peru, and has a delicious Caramel flavour thanks to the natural yellow flesh. It’s been used centuries over as a sweetener, but it also provides you with a source of Potassium – regulates blood pressure, Iron – combats fatigue, and Zinc – repairs and maintains health bones and reproductive organs.

I picked this Naturya powder from Ocado who were doing a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer, which is really great as some of these superfoods can be pricey, and so far it’s tasted really good in the bakes I’ve made.

As it’s a sweetener, you can add this into ice-cream, cakes, smoothies, yogurt and even fudge and you will get the sweet taste you desire without the nasty chemicals, plus the health benefits. All you need is 10-15g per day, or as much as you desire in your bakes, and you’ll be happy knowing you’re eating something with goodness and that’s contributing to the working of your body.

Nutrition per 100g: 306 kcal | 1.1g Fat | 57.3g Carbs | 25.9g Dietary Fibre | 4g Protein | 760mg Potassium | 4mg Iron | 2.8mg Zinc

I have to be honest and say I’d never heard of Aguaje Powder* before Minvita sent me some to try, but from what I have read it seems to be the new superfruit to add to your meals! A palm tree that produces the superfruit in a lovely chestnut colour, Aguaje is high in so many minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the insides and outsides of your body. Here’s something to get you started – it contains 20 times more Beta Carotene (pro-vitamin A) than Carrots, 25 times more Vitamin E than Avocado, and equal amounts of Vitamin C as an Orange. 

Also high in fibre and phytoestrogens and oleic acids which are important in human nutrition, it’s been most commonly linked to Brazilian women due to its properties as a ‘curvy fruit’. Although this is still debatable, many women have seen their boobs, bums and curves enhanced and shaped due to the phytoestrogens and oleic acids spurring the body to develop more hormones in these areas to grow. Right now, I can’t say if this is conclusive, but the taste of the powder works wonderfully in porridge and smoothies – plus brownies which will be coming soon 😉

Nutrition per 100g: 265 kcal | 10.5g Fat | 18.7g Carbs | 11.4g Fibre | 3g Protein | 242mg Vitamin A | 90mg Vitamin E | 55mg Vitamin C

Despite the recent panic over Chocolate running out in 20 years, I’m pretty relaxed. Since discovering Cacao and it’s raw natural benefits, I’ve made chocolates and truffles from the powder but now I’m upping the game with these Cacao Nibs. Not too dissimilar to your regular Chocolate Chips, these small potent goodies are simply unprocessed cocoa beans from sourced Theobroma cacao cocoa beans before being allowed to ferment in their natural rich flavours.

The even better part? This chocolate source is good for your body – chocolate that’s good for you, that’s the news we should be shouting about everywhere! Cacoa Nibs are high in Magnesium which helps support your nervous health system, Potassium which supports normal nervous system function, and Iron which contributes to cognitive function.

These are perfect in your granola, brownies, biscuits, porrdige – almost anywhere because they taste so naturally delicious and help your bodily functions; chocolate worth investing in!

Nutrition per 100g: 630 kcal | 55.2g Fat | 15.2g Carbs | 10.6g Fibre | 12.7g Protein | 490mg Potassium | 240mg Magnesium | 3.4mg Iron

Instead of overindulging too much this Christmas, try out some of your own home bakes that incorporate some SuperFoods or Fruits to help improve your health, and be amazed at how much better you’ll feel when you can have a non-guilty second serving.

Are you a fan of superfoods and fruits? Have you tried any of Minvita’s products? Would you try any of these foods yourself?

Lots of Love,
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