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It’s only 3 days until December 1st – THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL. If you’ve not started decorating the house yet, where have you been? But never fear, as the Anti-Grinch is here to help inspire your festive decorating, especially in making your room feel that little bit more cosy and warm.

Thanks to Zoe with her festive room ideas last year, and the desperate need to make the house feel so super cosy, I made sure that this year I went all out and made my room a homely grotto of festive delight! My room is small, so, if like me you need to make use of shelf and desk space, cute trinkets and things that are easy to stand together are your best bet. Get ready for ultimate cosy, sparkly, twinkle overload, and welcome to my bedroom…

Christmas scents are one of my favourite things so of course, my shelf is decked with my current ‘in use’ choices. Cinnamon, spiced cider, vanilla and cloves are all divine this time of year, and I like to leave one or two burning for a few hours a day to make my room feel all cosy and a cove of festiveness. Homesense and TK Maxx have an outstanding range of scented candles for up to 60% off – you’ll have to race me for all the Cinnavanilla scents though 😉

Having things at different heights creates an interesting dynamic and something pleasing to look at; standing pots on top of candles or boxes adds more of a landscape for things to stand out, plus they keep your shelves streamlined. A little statement piece, such as a wooden lettering stand or Santa decoration, reinforces a theme and can hide things not in use but still a festive addition to the room.

Another thing that absolutely makes a room feel festive is fairy lights – just having these lights on in a room makes everything feel snuggly and cosy. Make use of spare nails or places that can hang small decorations to add small sparkly pieces such as these bells or a lovely statement piece such as the ‘L’ or Heart Shell bauble. By keeping these bits small it just adds a hit of festivity without making the areas overcome with decorations.

Think outside the box as well with lights; adding some battery powered fairy lights to a jar makes a gorgeous lamp and looks so cool in the evenings by your desk.

Of course, the best way to get your bedroom fully immersed in Christmas is to buy the season’s coveted bed sheets. I luckily picked up the last duvet cover in this pattern at my local Primark (thank you early bird) but they have a gorgeous and more subtle grey fairisle print on offer also. Next is also well known for it’s lovely Christmas themed bedding and especially the throws, but for a cheap alternative you can get a lovely plain felt version from IKEA for £3 – and why not?! I have a bigger duvet size so my bad stays warmer in our little cottage, but the pattern really makes that main focal message – my room is Christmassy and I’m loving it.

Again, making use of shelf space is key, and always be aware of colour combinations; the main red and orange tones on the shelf help draw the tree and candles together and look lovely with the broken up shades of cream. Use shelf brackets to hang simple decorations off, and think about how you compse the height and layout of your pieces – do you want it all in the middle and colour order, or miss-matched heights with varied tones?

Another fun way of using up baubles you wont hang on the tree this year is to get some jars from IKEA or a homeware store and fill them to the brim with certain colours. This huge ‘candy’ jar can be re-used after Halloween to store your favourite baubles and give them another use for decoration on your drawers.

And that in full, is how my room is looking this season; decked in lights, trinkets, Nordic influence and smelling of cinnamon – what a place to snuggle up or work in every day ey? A lot of these things are either last season or will be lingering in shops for a few weeks longer so get on down to TK Maxx or Homesense for some great deals on beautiful decorations – go go go!

Are you getting your house ready for Christmas yet? What is your colour scheme this year? Are you a light of bauble person?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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