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Skincare is most likely to be the one thing I won’t skim on. If it doesn’t work or suit my needs, I will say and I won’t use it again. I’m pretty…cut throat shall we say? If it doesn’t decongest and clear my skin, or it misses that super soft, bright and clean feeling, then 99% of the time won’t reach for it again and will pass it on to a better home (or the bin).

After years of up and down tribulations, and slowly getting back up there now with my current routine, I was more than interested in trying the Rodial STEMCELL Super-Food range*. After much research into the brand, the use of antioxidents and natural ingredients made me squeal with excitement and I promptly set aside my usual routine to simply focus on the one range to see how it made my skin feel – and the results have been quite interesting…

Trialing the Cleanser*, Day Cream SPF15*, Glam Balm Multi* and Glam Balm Lip*, I was looking for super nourishment and hydration properties that led to baby soft skin and a clearer complexion. The range itself focuses on dehydrated skin, which I wouldn’t have classed myself as, however with winter nearing it’s important to make sure your skin is balanced and absorbing all the necessary nutrients. To give you the full low-down on how the products work and what they’ve given me in terms of results, I’m going to get my chatty hat on and go through each product with lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ and ‘hmms’. Grab a cuppa, it’s going to get deep.

The Glam Balm LIP*  hands down has to be the most nourishing lip balm I’ve ever used. Say goodbye to chapped lips this winter, as just by using this even twice a day, you lips will feel like pillows. The combination of stem-cell technology, PhytoCellTec Alp Rose, Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil and Pomegranate creates this gorgeous layer of protection which boosts collagen production and keeps the pout hydrated. I’ve found that after regular use throughout the day, my lips feel softer and smoother, with any dryness from the surrounding environment not being as harsh thanks to the protective and nourishing properties of this balm!

I’ve really been getting into my day and night cream recently so I was beyond pleased to try the Super-Food Day Cream*. Again used for nourishing and restoring, it also markets as a colour-correcting product which blurs imperfections and diminishes signs of aging thanks to the gorgeous blend of Rose Hip Seed Oil, Goji Berry, Wheat Germ Oil and the PhytoCellTec Alp Rose. Luckily I’m not showing any signs of ageing yet but it’s never too early to prep the skin, and I’ve definitely noticed a more plump and boosted appearance in my skin texture. I have to say that immediately after using the cream, my skin does appear clearer but I still have old red blemish marks still lingering so it’s not completely got rid of any signs of those, but they have almost become sealed over so whilst it looks like they’re still there you can’t actually get them out as the product has built some sort of protective layer – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means you can’t go messing, but a good ol’face mask will soon help clear out anything left over that the range hasn’t already targeted!

For a total overload of balmy goodness, Glam Balm™ Multi  absolutely nails it on the head. A multi purpose product for super hydration, combining the range’s key ingredient of PhytoCellTec™ Alp Rose stem cells with the equally awesome 3D Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ to boost the skin’s vitality and give it an intense hit of hydration along with the added super-food oils and vitamins to feed the skin. The possibilities with this product are endless, you can literally use it on anything, in fact it comes with a list of 100 uses – from mixing with your exfoliator to help buff drier skin and as a massage for your eye area during a long flight, to adding it to your fave blush to make a cream product and as a protective seal on your nose, ears and so on when the cold bitter wind bites; I did use this around my nose when I had a bit of a cold and it stung a little which was a bit annoying, however it’s a lovely nighttime moisture boost when the central heating and cold play havoc on your skin.

Finally, Rodial’s Super-Food Cleanser. A dual-action pot which made my eyes pop due to the sheer size of it. You only need a ring-finger size amount, so this will last you months – talk about value for money! Mixed in with the usual ingredients is Coconut Oil, Rose Wax and Cocoa Butter which leaves a divine spa-like feel to your cleanse, and when shouldn’t a cleanse feel spa-like really? The pot comes with a lovely little muslin cloth which helps exfoliate the skin as you remove the product in the most gentle way that you don’t even realise, plus you can also leave the cleanser on longer for a real intense rehydration. I personally use this as a second cleanse if I’ve worn make-up as it replenishes the skin after removing all the products, and helps it soak up more of the goodness, as well as every morning and night on a bare-face day. 

When I originally wrote this review, I said that my skin felt totally nourished and looks clearer, however since then – and I am not 100% sure weather the cleanser has caused it or it’s coming to that time – but my skin has erupted in places where I used to get acne, and caused deep cystic lumps on my cheekbones and jawline, and I’ve not had a breakout like this in three years. It’s not all over, but a few have come up and as it’s not happened in a while, it’s a massive thing to notice after having good skin for a few years. I have ran the ingredients through a site and there a apparently a few that can trigger spots (such as Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Tocopherol and Triethanol amine) so if you are prone then this may not be the cleanser for you.

With that said, my skin feels so soft – softer than with layers of oils and serums – without causing an oily layer on my face, that it feels hard to not have it in my routine. As I said before, I can’t pinpoint if it’s the product that has caused the spots to come up as the timing is bad, but after two weeks of using this range something has come up (literally) out of the norm. I’ve now started using the cleanser every other day or so and after taking off my make-up to nourish the skin, as I think it may be a bit rich for everyday use but it does give me a kick of hydration when I need it, and now that my skin has calmed down it seems to be working better!

All in all, Super-Food is a great product for nourishment; one of  the best new ranges I’ve tried for replenishing, rebalancing, nourishing and cleansing. The combination of the super stem cell ingredients and antioxidants is really impressive, but with this outbreak coming up whilst using the range it’s made me hesitate whether it’s too rich for my skin type or not. As I can’t for certain say ‘it’s this or this’, I will say that, if you get dehydrated skin in the winter, give this a go (you can buy a discovery set here for £30!) but if your skin can’t handle rich formulas or you are wary of breakouts, then maybe look at more tailored ranges.

Despite the um’s and ah’s, I will be keeping this in my routine through the winter and giving it a fair go – I honestly have been impressed so far and it’s gentle to use all over the face. I actually feel bad bringing up the breakout because the products so far have been so good, and what I’ve read of the brand has been awesome too, so despite my ‘cut-throat’ nature, I’m quite happy to make an exception in this scenario and say Rodial gets a thumbs up from me and I’ll be keeping this brand safely away from prying hands.

Have you ever tried Rodial? What do you think of the ingredients? Are you a skincare lover?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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