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Beauty and make-up is a fabulous way of playing around with looks, and it’s something I think every young girl looks forward to using when they’re little. As I’ve gotten older and wiser over the years through my beauty disasters and holy grail finds, I’ve found there’s nothing more satisfying than a high-quality palette with every colour you need under one lid. 

Whether your budget reaches £10 or £100, there’s a palette for you with all the essential colours you need, plus one that is just a bit of luxury tailoring and a perfect piece to add to over the years. The main criteria with a good palette is a range of shimmers and mattes – either cool or warm toned depending on your skin – which are an easy to blend consistency – buttery and non-creasing is the game here – plus have wearable shades you’re actually going to use – pretty obvious I know but you don’t want to spend your money on a palette which you’ll only use half of!

For the Budget Beauty Babe If you’re starting out, looking for a good present for a younger relative, or needing a new addition to your make-up without forking out loads, then Sleek is the way to go. With a total of twelve various palettes, their consistency isn’t far off from Urban Decay and they blend so well, you’d be mad not to give them a go. For easy everyday make-up, with a bit of autumn depth for those nights out, the Au Naturel palette* has got you covered. The palette is balanced perfectly with mattes and shimmers, with various shades for day and night that you can touch up throughout the day thanks to the large mirror – you gotta love a large mirror. There’s also a good mix of cool and warm tones so you will find something for everyone in this palette, plus I’ve found the peachy/orange shade a good product to pat over my concealer to knock back any dark circles – you only need a little though. Great pigmentation, a diverse enough range of shades and finishes, and a bargain price.

For the Luxury Loving Lady One of the most coveted palettes in the beauty world, Urban Decay hit the nail on the head with their NAKED range. Spanning three palette in various tones (NAKED 1 for more yellow skintones, 2 for cool-to-neutral and 3 for pink toned skin), each shade across the board is unique to their set, and have a spot on blend of creamy mattes and shimmers. My NAKED palette is the most used out of my collection as the range of shades makes it easy to adapt to each occassion, and there’s lots of shades you can throw on quickly, blend out and be ready to go. For £37, it is classed as higher end beauty, but you get a great quality product that will last you through every event and new season style. It may not be good if you’re a hoarder, but for a tailored palette to your skin tone with highly pigmented and long-lasting shades (plus a free primer), it’s worth the dolla!

For the Colour Collecting Chicka When I bought my first (and only, so far) MAC Pro Palette, I felt like I’d made a big step into the beauty world. Crazy, I know, but it feels like one of those things you’d bring up in conversation and people would be like ‘woowwww’, simply because it’s a bit expensive and luxurious to build up. Aside from make-up artists and beauty gurus, you don’t need a huge Pro Palette, although if you’re a MAC girl forever then spending your money on a ‘make your own’ collection might by your best investment to date. From shades you can use on your lids and as eyebrow powder, to the deep winter cranberries and holy grail neutrals, MAC has every rainbow of colour available which you can build in sets of 2, 4 and 15. The shades are a balanced amount of pigmentation, you can layer them easily and build up the intensity whilst others are an instant ‘WOW’ factor. A palette of 4 will set you back £45 (que wincing) but the quality and multi-purpose use is worth the price if you are a dedicated MAC girl, plus for on-the-go, you won’t get as high quality and perfectly blended range of shades small enough to transport than this quad.

If you have a girlfriend or relative who wants to make a make-up commitment, treat them to a custom made quad this Christmas or birthday, and they’ll be on Cloud 9.

The beauty market is so huge now that it can feel daunting making a palette choice, but whatever your budget there is a high-quality product for you. Personally, I think NAKED palettes are worth the investment and would be my #1 choice for each day, but for on-the-go, MAC’s range of quads and selected colours make it easy to pick the key, easy to wear shades and maximise bag space when travelling. Ultimately, you have to find a price range and quality that suits you, which is why it’s fab to see Sleek doing such a great job with their ranges whilst giving you the pigmentation you’d expect for £40+.

As long as you have a creamy, diverse selection of shades, your palette will serve you a long time until it’s pan has been well and truly hit. Single shades may come and go, but your palette will stay with you forever, satisfaction guaranteed.

Are you a palette lover? What eyeshadow ranges do you buy? Do you have any palette suggestions?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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