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There’s not a point in the day where I don’t have a cup of tea at arms reach; from the benefits side of drinking it (hot drinks keep you fuller for longer) to the fact I am obsessed with so many herbal teas now (Pukka is my weakness, as are Christmas flavoured drinks), I am always keeping my mug topped up with my favourite flavours to do my tummy some good.

One of the things that’s been floating around on social media for a few years now is the Teatox, whereby drinking a carefully selected blend of herbs for a certain amount of days is said to help shift your system of any backlog – carefully chosen words there – and bloat you have hanging around. These types of ‘cleanses’ are great if you’ve overdone the pizza and wine or a holiday abroad has left you satisfied yet a bit bogged down, but for someone who drinks peppermint and ‘detox’ tea regularly these haven’t generally caught my eye in the past as I’ve been doing most of the work already, yet I still get the natural bloat which I have come to deal with.

However I was approached by StripTeas to give their range a go as they knew I loved my herbal teas, so I thought ‘why not?!’ and gave the ol’teatox a try. And what can I say, I’m officially converted.

The teatox lasts 14 Days, and you get a Morning Wake Up tea, Daytime Teatox and a Sleep Tight tea, with the Daytime tea available in three flavours – Original, Vanilla or Berry – making the teatox tailored to you and your tastes.

Alongside the teatox plan, StripTeas provide an eating plan which you can follow to really gain all the benefits of the two weeks. I follow a clean diet anyway so I didn’t use this as much, but it’s great to know you have something that runs alongside your teatox which also contains great meal plans!

So now to the real talk.

The great news is that the teas taste great. I know some people have trouble adjusting to herbal tea but they have a nice flavour which tastes just like my regular herbal teas so that makes it easier to drink, plus the pyramids are packed with so much flavour that each bag lasts 2-3 uses. There’s also no unnecessary laxatives incorporated so you’re free from any harm – and unnecessary toilet breaks.

StripTeas advise you to drink your first cup shortly after you wake up to boost your energy and stimulate your mind – which it does thanks to the ginseng and peppermint! – and that your Daytime Teatox be drunk around the same time each day to get your body used to the stimulation of your metabolism and suppressing your appetite towards snacking. The Sleep Tight is a lovely sweet send off into nighttime, and does help to calm my mind as best as it can – thanks to the chamomile – whilst I try to stop working on the computer at 9pm – bad Lauren.

Although it says to drink one tea at each time, I do reuse the tea bags until the next scheduled cuppa but add in another flavoured tea bag to switch it up a little. For example, after my first morning tea, I add in a Three Mint tea for an extra cleansing, spritely fix, or in the afternoon I may add a Vanilla Chai into my Daytime teatox for extra warmth. I don’t feel that having the extra tea has done much more than what is stated, but it’s nice to have the extra blend of ingredients to keep you going all day.

Results wise, I started off at 34″ stomach, 29″ waist, 35″ hips and am now 33.5″ stomach, 28.5″ waist and 34.8″ hips, which I’m very pleased with! The only exercise I did was 10-20 minutes of yoga each night with some leg toning and planking mixed with general cardio throughout the day – aka I didn’t push myself hard but I felt better doing exercise throughout the day than before. My appetite at one point really dropped, so I ate less and felt fuller for longer, and I actually forgot that it was the tea doing that! I had a lot of energy so was bored with having to sleep, but when I did sleep I slept deeeeeeeeep.

I really felt that the teas help shift a lot from my body that I didn’t think was possible with such a detox, and around 80-90% of my tummy bloat has gone (hurrah!) so, if this review hasn’t been enough to convince you to try StripTeas then here it is simply put: for £27.99 this is the best natural and effective teatox to try. It works, it tastes good, and I would become an ambassador for this tea because I believe it does the job good and proper!



This teatox has been so fun to do, and I love the effect it’s had on my body. I’m kind of sad I won’t be drinking it anymore, but I’m looking forward to going back to my herbal teas with a happy tum in mind and a better approach to my appetite. With that aside, I’m happy to know I can turn to StripTeas when I have an event coming up – or I’ve overindulged at Christmas, because let’s face it, it’s gon’happen! – and that my cup of tea at hand can to the job of making me feel good naturally. ALSO StripTeas has kindly offered you lovely readers 10% off any purchase with the code BRITTONLOVES10, so go get checking our your order!

You can find the full list of ingredients in each tea here, and a detailed plan of how to use the teas to their full advantage here.

Have you tried StripTeas, or are you considering them now? Are you a teatox fan? What is your favourite kind of tea?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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