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Everyone can safely put their hand up in agreement when I say that if you have a spot/scar/blemish that just looks or feels horrible, you want a quick fix.

There are tonnes of products on the market for spot defence and targeted treatment, but aside from La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+, not much else has calmed down my skin within a day and done the job properly minus the chemicals.

I recently rediscovered the awesome power of Clarins Super Restorative after my mum picked up some cheeky samples, and I conveniently did a face mask which bought up some right deep buggers – those ones that don’t look like anything serious but are so painful to touch – and needed to take them down a notch or two.

Before I get onto how this range is so so good, I have to address the fact that this range is targeted to those 50+ with changing and less supple skin. Don’t let this put you off though, as many Clarins girls have confided in me and told me they use these products on their skin also at that lovely time of the month to control breakouts, and that it’s very important to use this (if you’re under 50) for a week tops and to then switch back to your regular moisturisers as the skin will become used to the effects and won’t give you the intense healing properties you achieve through first use. 

Think of it as the natural antibiotic skincare – when you take a course of antibiotics, you have to take it in full (say one week) to build up a resistance to an infection and remove the bad stuff. If you stop using it too early, the infection can build up again, but if you use it too long then there’s no real change after a while as it stops absorbing the treatment.

With that in mind though, this sample and product range is worth the investment if you regularly have hormonal skin which is causing you grief. Targeted at calming down the hormones, the Super Restorative range contains :

– Anti-Ageing Tetrapeptide for a boosted night-time epidermal renewal for skin-cell regeneration – great for targeting spots or blemished skin.

– Montpelier Cistus to target deep causes of age-spots and help even the complexion – perfect for getting rid of angry blemishes and revealing the fresh looking, clear complexion.

– Hyaluronic Acid Complex which helps restore the skin’s moisture deep down and rebuild the protective hydrolipidic film at the skin surface, leaving you with baby soft skin – essential for skin that’s been poked, prodded and suffered at the hands of chemicals and spot squeezing.

– Organic Harungana Extract which is exclusive to the rebranding of the range, and reactivates deficient fibroblasts (the ‘conductors of skin youthfulness’), stimulating the production of collagen to help replenish the dermis and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and skin slackening – making those scars, spots and more just go ‘poof’!

I won’t lie and say this stuff is affordable (£69 a pot!) but it will last and last and last, and it’s 100x better than using cheap, stripping ranges that just make everything super angry and not super restored – wahay. The easiest way to get your hands on some of this is to pop into your local department store or Boots and just ask to try (say it’s for your mum or gran though), or you can buy various sample sizes on eBay minus the glass jar but great for travelling.

This range is a miracle worker. Within a day, all major breakouts are calmed down and by Day 2 you have clear skin. Keep it topped up for a few days and you will be able to do bare-faced or minimalist for days on end. If you’re really struggling to find confidence in your skin and want a more natural solution product wise, then go for this; give a whirl with a sample and see what it does for your blemishes, moisture levels and the plumpness of your skin. Hormonal and changing skin isn’t just key at 50+, it’s something every woman goes through at any age; use it right and you’ll have fresh new skin that makes you feel sensational.

I’ll be popping this on my wishlist this Christmas will you? Have you got a go-to range for spot-prone skin?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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