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After a couple of very nice comments about my skin in past posts, I thought I would do an updated skincare routine for the Autumn/Winter months. Looking back on my last skin post in June, it may seem like not a lot has changed, however I have now added a night routine which has been so beneficial whilst also picking up some old faithful creams along the way.

Mid-summer and at random times of extreme weather, my skin decides to do a 180 and switch from oily/combination to dry, sensitive and extremely devoid of all nourishment. Aside from my targeted products for skin conditions, I like to use brands I know and trust and switch to their hydrating ranges to bring balance back to my skin.

Clarins is my one true love for keeping my skin in good shape, so this lightweight yet creamy Cleansing Milk for Normal to Dry Skin keeps my dry areas nourished and my skin soft without stripping it of essential oils. Speaking of oils, I am still loving the Clarins Lotus Oil which I use in the mornings to prevent excess oil from being produced, and it does a nice job of adding some extra moisture without encouraging shine.

Now I can get puffy eyes during the morning which my concealer does not comply with, so something cooling such as the Eye Contour Gel does wonders to my morning blur. All eye gels and creams work best if you use your ring finger first to tap the product in on your under eyes and lids, and then I find using your middle finger to tap again under your eyes and above the cheekbone promotes your lymph to remove any puffiness or water trapped in your skin.

Finally, some moisture that will also protect me from UV rays and keep my skin quenched; the Hydraquench Cream SPF 15 is an old faithful, and it doesn’t matter what skin-type you have because this will  work. It sinks in beautifully, working wherever needed and the plant-extracts keep your skin looking fresh and bouncy all day.

Moving on to the nighttime, I’m all about washing the day away and making sure I have squeaky-clean skin to allow my more nourishing products work their best whilst I sleep. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is the one; it’s lasted me since March this year and will probably run out this week *cries* after using it every night (and sometimes for double cleansing too!) You only need a small amount, and when you warm it up in your hands it just glides on like a dream. I use this for my nightly face massage and I have never slept – or looked – better, plus it smells just like a spa which is dreamy. Once this runs out I’ll be having another try of an old favourite in the form of the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel, which does a similar trick of melting all over the face and cleansing you in just a lovely, nourishing manner. Heaven.

Whilst cleansing does get off a 99% of your make-up, you can guarantee that your mascara might still be clinging on your lashes, so to budge it right off I stick to the saintly Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover. If you have sensitive eyes at times I would suggest you dilute it with water, otherwise this will clean everything right off. The oily base helps to magically remove any panda eye trace, leaving your lashes naked and free.

For oils, I of course am sticking to Clarins mainly, and to keep my skin from drying out I use the Blue Orchid Oil. I find that if I use the Lotus Oil day and night my skin will feel deprived of oils, so at night I give myself a good oily punch by working this into my face – again in a circular massage – to prevent any further dry areas. On top of that, if I’m having a good skin week I will just work in the HydraQuench Cream, but if it’s that time and my skin is a bit blotchy or a few irregular deep spots are emerging, I’ll use the Super Restorative Night Cream either on the individual spots or all over if it’s going a bit cray cray. My skin is back to normal in two days, and it also gives me the hydration I need in the winter.

Once or twice a week I’ll also do a face mask routine, and sometimes I do it more often if my skin looks clogged or is a bit raging as I’d rather bring out the elements naturally instead of squeezing and damaging my skin. After cleansing, I’ll steam my face over a bowl until the moisture starts to drip off and use the Elemis Herbal Lavender Rescue Mask to draw out all the dirt and deep nasty stuff whilst brightening my complexion at the same time. 15 minutes does the trick and it doesn’t dry hard like clay either which is lovely, and then after toweling it off with warm water, I’ll take a hot steaming cloth to just open up the pores again quickly and use the Quick Fix Exfoliating Scrub Mask to really get inside the pores and work out any of the gunk that’s come to the surface and also remove any dead skin cells for a nice new shiny fresh face.

Doing a double mask may seem a bit harsh, however the first mask – I’ve personally found – leaves all the gunk trapped in the pores so more spots and blackheads occur. Using the second mask is very gentle, almost like a cleansing scrub, but it does work to just bring out that gunk and get the cycle of breakouts moving and gone in a few days.

I realise this is quite a Clarins laden post – I promise I am not sponsored, I just love the range – but I think it’s important to find a range and products that suit your skin and make it work as it was created. My skin is better now than in many years, and choosing higher end and more plant based ingredients has definitely given my skin the chance to flow through the changing seasons easily, and to work with daily grime and make-up much better than high school – oh the days of using cheap cleanser, the pain and the torture!

Tips for good skin? Cleanse morning and night, double cleanse after make-up, always take you your make-up (even if it’s 2am), use a balancing oil to keep you hydrated but prevents excess oil production, invest in natural/plant based brands that will promote gentle skin, and use mask to unclog your skin – not your fingers.

Are you a Clarins or Elemis fan? How often do you do a face mask? Have you got a day/night routine and what products to you suggest?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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