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I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge Halloween fan. Unless there’s a party on, I’m usually at home treating it like a normal day and ignoring anyone knocking on my door for sweets – can I interest you in some raw chocolate?

The one Halloween bandwagon I can jump on however is the beauty one, and if I want to look scary yet reap the benefits then a good ol’green face mask surely does the trick. Slimey, get satisfying.

The ladies at Blogging Gals (who really are quite awesome) gave me to hook-up this season with the new MIMI Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask*, perfect for detoxing your skin with 100% natural ingredients! 

In the kit, you get 4 Green Goddess Powders which contain Fine Green French Clay, Rhassoul, Dead Sea Mud and Spirulina – all perfect for absorbing oils, revitalizing and stimulating the complexion whilst softening your lovely features. Combined with the Oat Protein and Green Jasmine Pearls, you have a recipe for success, so let’s get mixing…

Starting bare-faced, prepare one Green Jasmine Pearl per person in a cup of hot water. Leave it to infuse and cool for 30-40 minutes, and prep your skin for the mask. Once it’s all flowered and cool, pour your Green Goddess Powder into the mixing pot and add the infusion teaspoons at a time until you get a thick paste. Stir in a few drops of the oat protein, and get ready to apply!

You can use the spatula to apply the mask into key areas, and smooth out with your fingers (which I personally find easiest and most consistent) and leave it to set for around 10 minutes. Cue gorgeous photos of me with a stiff face.

Overall with the mask I had only one or two issues; firstly, I opened the Oat Protein tube and it split down the middle straight away. I didn’t even open it with force and it just started to leak everywhere. Luckily I kept the Green Goddess Powder pot to store it in, so I would suggest the design of the tube be rethought to prevent snapping! Secondly, I didn’t keep the mask on for the full 10 minutes as it started to itch and feel uncomfortable. Never keep a mask on if it feels irritating. 

Saying that, I had no redness after washing it off, and my skin felt so super smooth and soft. My complexion looks brighter, and the surface dead skin cells have all gone, allowing my face to renew itself – yippeeee!!

For a new brand, obviously there are teething problems, however these can all be worked out easily and I would have to give two thumbs up so far to this mask – natural products, lovely smell, and a brighter complexion all tick my list, and make me one happy albeit a bit scary lady.

You can get involved in MIMI’s Halloween campaign by submitting a photo of yourself in the Green Goddess Mask on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the caption ‘ Become a Green Goddess this Halloween with @MakeItMIMI #MIMImoment’.

Are you a face mask lover? Will you be partying or staying in this Halloween? What is your favourite Halloween past time?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

*This post contains products sent for review from PR companies. The views expressed do no reflect those of the company, nor are they used as influence in this post. Please see my disclaimer for more.

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