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Luxury treats are always the best kind – be it a meal out, investing in a cult piece of skincare that’s a little expensive but a lotta good, or simply having a nice hand massage with lovely products. The latter was my treat on a recent trip to Jo Malone which has just opened up in town, and I think I have successfully been converted to the amazing scents and luxuriousness that so many beauty gurus and bloggers have proclaimed before me.

I took my mum along for a complimentary hand massage as we both needed something nice to perk us up a bit, and we were totally impressed by the treatment we received. Greeted by one the lovely in-store stylist assistants called Nikki, she set us down at the treatment bar to help us decide on what scents we loved.

Firstly though, a salted caramel chocolate egg – I need to know who makes these and I need to know now. They were just so good, but anyway, back to the main treatment. Nikki asked us what our favourite scents were; Mum said fresh limes and fig whilst I gave my awkward-arse reply of ‘I like vanilla and cinnamon, and lemon and lime’ – so diverse. Mum went first, with a spritz of the classic Lime, Basil and Mandarin which is absolutely divine, and also the Grapefruit which is equally as uplifting. 

If you didn’t know already, Jo Malone scents are designed to be mixed together to create a blend as unique as you are – so lovely! For me, Pomegranate Noir, Vanilla and Anise, and Ginger and Nutmeg were all options before deciding on Pomegranate with some Ginger mixed in for my massage – Mum also chose Ginger and Nutmeg but decided on the Grapefruit for extra zing.

Nikki then whisked up our creations in one of their lovely cups whilst we sipped lime water – they know us so well! – and started on Mum first. You could really smell the delicious mix of scents coming from the lather, using a blend of the base body wash, a stronger concentrated Grapefruit scent in the lotion and a top layer of the Ginger and Nutmeg cologne on top to finish.

When it came to my little pamper sesh, I opted for a thicker Body Creme in the Pomegranate scent to match the wash so to get maximum nourishment. The scent was just the right balance of fresh citrus and warm tones, and thanks to the creme it hung around much longer than Mum’s. Blended with the Ginger and Nutmeg, I was all ready to dive straight into December and get snuggly for Christmas – definitely my kind of scent for the time of season.

After much sniffing of my arms to indulge in the amazing smell, we had a wander around the store for a good 40 minutes because I wanted everything….siggghh. I managed to try out the new Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne which is just a great blend of deep, woody manly scents and a lighter, soft note on top which makes it so wearable for anyone (and also allows me to sniff at a manly smell all day long without dousing myself in Hugo Boss – no one else do that?). Paired with the Vanilla and Anise – wow I need the two. Onto my Christmas list it goes.

Overall, the service and quality of the products at Jo Malone are outstanding; I’ve heard many a blogger talk about how much of a cult brand they are, and their Christmas press day looked insane so to finally try out some of the scents was brilliant. I would definitely invest in the products when I’ve actually narrowed it down to what I want, and they make a lovely gift too for your parents, sister, brother, partner, yourself, from the cat to yourself…. too far.

As far as indulgences go, a pamper has to be the best choice; and when you can indulge in Jo Malone, you know you’ll be in for a real treat.

Are you a fan of Jo Malone? What are you favourite scents? Any blend suggestions?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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