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Most of us have a niggle, you know, the thing that reeeeeaaallly makes your eye-roll rival Lucy Watson’s and curse the heavens as to why this is happening right now. It could be losing your keys in your bag, people who zone out of conversations by scrolling through Twitter instead, or it could be something unseen like an uncomfortable bra that’s been digging in all day long. Yeah, that.

You can get fitted and measured all you want, but unless you take the time to find the right shape style to fit you and the right brand that won’t neglect your lingerie needs, you’ll probably end up investing in a bra that will need to be removed by lunchtime.

I’ve always been a Debenhams gal when it comes to bras, and my latest venture into new brands left me spending some dolla on bras with poor service and returns which was not acceptable in my books (I’m looking at you Marks and Spencers, shambles). That being said, I was very surprised recently when I was invited along to the Triumph event in my local House of Fraser to try out the new Magic Wire bra, which has been designed with comfort and support in mind – minus the wires.

You’ve probably imagined some sort of old lady monstrosity of a design, but the team at Triumph have created a very feminine and luxurious bra that really does support you, and really does feel like second skin.

Heading off to try the new bra, I wasn’t sure what to expect really – would it have shape? What was the design? How does it work?! The past t-shirt style bras I’ve bought have had a sneaky wire in, and my last from M&S whilst minus the wire mainly flattens my chest (and caused a lot of problems – I won’t be dropping this anytime soon as you can tell) so I was interested to see what Triumph had come up with.

Upon arrival, I was whisked off for a fitting where the lovely assistant talked to me about how important it is for lingerie to fit properly, and to measure me up correctly. She also explained how different designs would change what size you fit – so helpful – and how the new Magic Bra would work for me and all the other ladies out there who want comfortable all day long.

The Magic Bra works so well thanks to an invisible integrated silicone strip inside the moulded cups, which supports the contours of your bust like any old wired bra but creates the perfect natural cleavage without pinching or constricting your every move. There’s been no expense with the design either; a combination of silky lining, smooth side panels and a soft hook-and-eye closure creates a second skin feeling with a touch of lace and scalloped edges for a sensual appeal.

It turned out that I needed to go up a cup for a perfect fit, and the bra really did deliver all the promises they’d set out. It looked seamless under my top and was such a gorgeous colour that would sit perfectly under any dress or top in your wardrobe.

After the fitting, there was the chance to chat to Sally Bradford, the speaker who talked about how to fix niggles in your daily life and think positively about your life. It was amazing sitting down with her to discuss how to approach various areas of your daily life, figuring out how to ‘nudge’ yourself in the right direction for you and that by putting yourself out there, you’re more likely to get what you want – maybe one day I can stand outside Space NK and be given all the NARS I want for free, that would be nice.

After discussing the many niggles that came top of a recent survey – no loo roll in the toilet, lost keys and slow drivers were in the top 5 – we thought about how we can fix our niggles to make everything better again. The best option we found was to talk it out with a friend or someone close to you, which was also the top response in the survey; talking it out always makes you feel better so remember guys, whatever the problem, get chatting! For sorting out my niggles, I told Sally that I like to step away from the situation, listen to some music and have some chill time out – being British, a good cup of (herbal) tea always sorts you out.

All the ladies wrote down their niggles to be posted on the tree, so that everyone could share tips and advice on how to resolve the issue. No loo roll? Keep some hidden in a separate drawer to the rest or carry tissues on your bag in case of emergency. Lost your keys? Either attach a really big key-ring to them, buy a bag with sections or invest in a remote or app that locates metal products or a device to find them easily!

There are so many solutions to be found, which is why Triumph have launched the #nigglefix hashtag where people can shares their niggles and advice with others online – always the best and quickest way to find advice, just ‘Google it!’.

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Triumph and Havas PR for inviting me along; it was great to have amazing service and information about bras, and to learn more about how bra design is becoming more accommodating for all shapes and sizes – hurrah! The bras are now in department stores nationwide and online, so I’m off to get my #nigglefix by getting my own Magic Wire bra, and I know for sure there will be no more eye rolls.

Have you tried Triumph bras before? What are your biggest niggles? Who loves a comfy bra too?!

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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