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I love a good comfort food, and I also love to find new veg that I haven’t tried cooking with yet, so when I was researching my #AUTUMNAPPROACHES food post I found this delicious idea for a mash potato alternative.

Now, celeriac isn’t one of the most appealing looking vegetables in the world, but it has a wonderful consistency which makes a great mash and is easily flavoured to any taste. Part of the celery family, it’s low in calories (42 calories per 100g), contains Vitamins K, B and C, plus phosphorus for cell metabolism; all in all, a pretty showstopping healthy vegetable.

It’s pretty easy to make Celeriac mash, but I’m going to give you the low down on my creation, combining it with parsnip for flavour and extra body for mealtimes. Prepare to be wowed at this very healthy alternative.


1 Large Celery Root | 1 Parsnip – well how easy is that?!

1. Prepare your water for boiling and wash the veg. Chop the root and top of the celeriac off (you won’t have a large chunk left so don’t worry!) and peel. Repeat with the parsnip.

2. Core the parsnip by cutting into quarters and slicing down – this removes the tougher area and is easier to boil. Slice the celeriac and parsnip into small chunks and pop in a pan to boil for 20-25 minutes until soft.

3. Drain and transfer the veg into a bowl for mashing; add in milk, butter or coconut oil for a more creamy consistency if desired. Mash until it looks like potato or fluffy. Serve with your main meal!

How easy peasy was that?! And it’s great with peas and sausages I’ll have you know. The flavour and texture is so much lighter than potato, getting rid of that starchy taste in your mouth after eating and also cutting down on the calories – fab if you’re trying to eat cleaner and still enjoy your comfort food.

Have you ever tried Celeriac mash before? What is your favourite way to cook seasonal veg? And what is the best comfort food?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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