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Make-up and skincare are things I don’t like to compromise on lightly; I need quality, something that will suit my skin and keep all problem areas happy whilst making me feel fabulous dahling! 

With an unhealthy obsession for natural eyeshadows and lipsticks (well, what girl or beauty blogger wouldn’t agree with that?) starting to build up, it only seemed fitting for this box of goodness to land on my doorstep – and also whilst I was wearing my pj’s and not looking fabulous, but I digress. Probably one of the best packages to arrive in a while, I am so excited to share with you some of the products Simple and Sleek have teamed up with Superdrug on to get a new season glow that will make you look awesome.

To get a great glow, you need to feel confident in your skin, and what better way to do so than with your skincare routine. Simple prides themselves on being a range tailored towards sensitive skin, and are a great brand to check out when you’re first entering the somewhat daunting skincare world. An affordable brand with all the products you need for quick cleansing and nourishment.

Included in the package was the Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion*, Soothing Facial Toner* and Hydrating Moisturiser* – the three basics you need for stripped back starting out cleansing. I find that lotions, gels and balms are much more nourishing for any skin type when cleansing as they keep the natural oils balanced whilst removing or providing extra hydration when needed, so this lotion is great for first-time cleansing to get your skin used to being cleansed.
A toner should help remove any deep, extra dirt and dead skin cells but should not strip the skin. A soothing solution like this one from Simple will help to cleanse the extra dirt in the pores whilst locking in the goodness from the products. Finally, a light moisturiser is great to replenish any lost moisture from the day and cleansing, and with Vitamin E it will help soften your lovely skin – perfect for skin newbies and those with sensitive skin.

Now although I don’t use face wipes anymore, I do remember how useful they were for removing eye make-up and left-over product as a teen. When you’re starting out with skincare, sometimes you don’t have a lot on and a quick wipe with one of these Cleansing Facial Wipes* will get you feeling fresh and clean again; remember though to do a proper cleanse and moisturising routine afterwards, as you don’t want the skin to become dried out or react harshly to a concentrated solution, and don’t solely rely on make-up wipes either as they aren’t the best thing to use everyday for removing make-up – save it for the late-nights and in-between refreshes!

Now I’ve only ever heard of Sleek make-up and had never tried their products before, but after this little sample of goodies for the ‘Guide to Glowing Skin’ range I am really converted to their eyeshadow palettes! To get my glow, I tried the Bare Skin Foundation in Bamboo, Brow Kit in Light, Face Form in Light, i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Au Naturel, and True Colour Lipstick in Liqueur and boy was I impressed.

First off, I have to say I love the sleek (pun intended) black packaging – simple, fits in your bag or make-up storage easily and it works. Yes you may get some foundation fingers on it, but it’s great quality for the bargain price.

The Face Form Palette is great on the go; with regular travelling, I need to have everything in one place be it my eyeshadows or blush and contour products. Sleek has made everything easy by packing their blush, highlight and contour bronzer into one compact, and the shades are aweeesssome – the bronzer is matte which is great for a natural look, and although it’s quite dark it means it will last longer and also force you to use a light-hand and blend for a natural look; if you find it looks too blocky, take a lighter powder and blur out the edges to it appears softer.
The highlighter is also a lovely shimmery shade; not too shimmer shimmer but rather a cool-toned glowing illuminator which looks fabulous on my cool-toned yellow-based skin, and is a perfect highlight for winter when your tan as faded away. Finally, the blush is a lovely pink-mauve shade with a dusty blue undertone – perfect for autumn winter blushed cheeks. Just a subtle wash at the top of the apples of your cheeks will look fabulous!

I’m all about the dark brows as mine are naturally quite dark, but if you make a mistake filling in you can sometimes end up with slug/cartoon brows – not always the look you want! Trialing this Light shade, I was able to outline the shape I wanted and fill in the main areas before using a darker powder in the arch and front of the brows. The wax is light enough to add some dimension and keep the brows in check all day long.

Natural, cool toned and brown eyeshadows are my favourite so I was mega excited to try this palette. I love that it comes with a protective cover printed with the shade names (so easy to tutorials), and also that it’s mainly matte pigments with key shimmers that suit all combos of looks. The grey and khaki shades (Nubuck and Cappuccino) are my go to for an everyday natural look – and are also perfect for recreating the SS15 Burberry look FYI – with a little Taupe for natural shimmer. I am looking forward to creating some darker looks with the bottom row of shades so watch this space!

Liqueur is a delicious shade, fact. For a real lip enhancing shade, you need this. It’s easy to throw on throughout the day as it literally matches your lips and adds a slight metallic edge which is great for the AW14 metallics trend. I carry this everywhere and it’s perfect to wear on a date night as there’s no smudge – hurrah!

Finally, the Bare Skin Foundation is lovely and lightweight; unfortunately it’s too dark for me so I can’t show you it on, but from the swatch and working it into the skin, I have found it blends like a dream and if very light on the skin. I would suggest to coverage is light-medium and best in the summer or for those good skin days when you don’t want to pile on the products – I would definitely consider swatching this in a cooler shade to buy.

Overall, this collab is genius; a great starter kit for skin or make-up newbies plus the make-up really does create a lovely natural glow. I have to rate Sleek make-up, I never really looked into them before but now I want so many of their palettes for different looks – here’s to finding new awesome brands!

Do you use Sleek Make-Up? Are you a Simple fan? Will you be rocking a natural glow this season?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

*This post contains gifted press samples. All views are 100% my own and are not influenced by the company. Please see my disclaimer for more.

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