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I love painting my nails. It’s as simple as that. I am constantly being lured in by new season hues and shades I don’t yet have in my collection and simply must buy, but what’s a nice polish without nails in good condition?

Growing my nails out to the length of Lana Del Rey’s is the monthly goal, and I am proud to say I can grow long nails quite quickly which makes my hands look a little bit sleeker. But for many years I’ve had a problem with split and peeling talons, bending and becoming week through daily chores and working in certain environments – big no no in my books!

Thankfully they are much well cared for now with a little help from the Scholl Nail Beauty Set*, which keeps my paws filed, polished and free of any ridges with every new colour I apply.

With the set, you have an array of attachments to use with the Manicure Pen including four shaping discs, a filing cone, cuticle lifter and a polishing cone. I won’t lie but I was very excited to use the cuticle lifter and thin rounded stone for smoothing the nail surface as that’s where my nail problem usually lies.

For the full experience, I removed all trace of nail varnish and used each specific tool to get my nails in top condition for growth and a new shade. For shaping, I used the Small Fine Shaping Disc which is designed for the thinner and more delicate nails. Now, using a tool to shape is a great lazy treat but you have to be so careful – one nail ended up being filed significantly on one side, leading to a deadly weapon for poking people with, so I’d suggest using the filing tools for smoothing edges and thicker nails on your feet but the effect is very smooth nails without any jagged un-even surfaces. Pretty good result!

I love pushing back my cuticles to gain a bit of extra length, and also to nourish them with some lovely oils and creams so the Cuticle Lifter was right up my street. The vibrations are great to gently push back the skin, but if you have tougher skin you can use the Hand-Held Cuticle Stick to make sure everything is nicely pushed back.

Then to get rid of snags and prepare the area around my nails, I used the Thin Rounded Stone tool to remove dead skin, rough patches and to smooth the surface of the nail. It may seem quite stripping but it buffs away at the top layer to even out the layers, leaving you with soft sleek nails, and by finishing off with the Cleaning Brush and Polishing Cone you get a smooth buffed nail to soak up all the nutrients from your oils and creams before applying polish.

My nails before!

The last thing I was interested in trying was of course, the Nail Dryer. Whilst you can use the Manicure Pen cordless, you have to plug in the main case for the dryer to work properly. In this particular scenario I had a thick layering of polish on due to a white undercoat, so it took a long time to try still with the added air from the dryer. I will admit it felt a bit gimmicky however with less layers I’m guessing the nails dry quicker and stop them from being smudged as easily; perfect for a pamper evening with the girls or if you have time to spare, otherwise just let them dry as you type!

All in all, this a great fun kit to have for giving your nails that extra bit of TLC. I’ll be taking this round to my sister’s to pamper her nails, and giving my mum a treat with it too. I do think there are some attachments that you have better tools for – a cuticle stick might push the edges back more but the lifter here is gentle, plus a nail file might be easier to keep an eye on unlike the shaping discs…. but nonetheless, whip this out on a girls night and you’ll have preened nails ready to showcase a new shade. Now, where’s my polish collection?….

Have you tried the Scholl Nail Beauty Set? What are your favourite nail products?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

* This post contains a gifted item. The views expressed in this article do no reflect those of the company nor were they influenced by them. All views at 100% my own. The Nail Beauty Set is available from ASDA and Boots.

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