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Well woop-de-woop, the How What Why posts are back and ready to give you some tips and inspiration on life, and also let me ramble on for ages about stuff that I think is important – it’s good to have a rant.

Speaking of rants, sometimes the build up of pressure and confusion can cause a massive shpeal of everything that is wrong in your life and how you feel like giving up is the only easy option coming out all at once; but it’s not the only option – getting stuck in a rut is common, and it can also really knock your confidence and productivity in whatever task you are attempting. Getting out of a rut might seem hard, but there are a few simple things you can do to reclaim back your enthusiasm and start to banish the blues.

Get inspired
It’s pretty easy to gain access to so many pieces of inspiration via the internet these days, so if you’re struggling to write a blog post, a piece for work or school or you are in the midst of an artistic masterpiece, you literally do have the world at your fingertips. This may be the most obvious and talked about point in blog posts, but scouring Pinterest and blogs is a sure-fire easy way to gain inspiration (just make sure it’s not direct copying though!). Books and magazines are also fabulous for creative and beauty subjects, and I keep my own personal scrapbook of editorials and layouts that inspire me which are used either as backdrops in my photos or they inspire the styling and content of photoshoots I create. Another great tip is to think of any events or changing seasons coming up – it’s almost autumn so maybe you can plan some autumn themed content (I myself have a little series coming up in the next few weeks!), or do some prep for LFW which is coming soon!

Talking it out with people you’re close to
This is probably the thing I’ll do most when I’m feeling down or frustrated about things; I’ll go talk to my mum and she’ll give me talking down or reality check which does work to be honest – even if I don’t agree with what she says. Talking it out or writing it down in a diary does help relieve stress, anger and problems that you over-think and allows you to move on with what you were doing before. Talking your way out of a rut helps you gain perspective and realise how manageable your issues may be, so be calm and go ring a close friend or family member for a reassuring chinwag.

Step away from the surrounding environment
You may have a deadline for school or uni, work you need to complete or something to write and plan ASAP, but working in frustration without motivation is a recipe for disaster. If you can’t think of a good way to write something, then allow yourself a break; take yourself out of the place your working for 5 minutes if you’re at your job, or maybe an hour if you’re at home, and go and do something different. Try some yoga to stretch and allow energy to flow through you, go and watch a film (Disney classics may I suggest?) and have a laugh, or maybe bake some yummy cakes which will cook as you finish your work and you can reward yourself with a treat straight from the oven! Like Zoe said about anxiety, sometimes just taking yourself out of the immediate surroundings and allowing yourself to calm and collect your thoughts gives you the spark you need to get out of a rut.

Sort out other things in your life
Focusing on one issue – be it you getting a job, moving house, starting school or talking to a group of new people – can really make your brain stress and you turn all your passions against you. Like I said before, removing yourself from that situation helps, so why not try to clear your mind by clearing your environment. Working and living in an untidy rut can make your personal rut seem worse, so sort out your make-up collection, clear out your wardrobe – Anna has some fab tips here – reorganise drawers and desk space, anything to make your energy feel cleaner. It’s amazing how space can make you feel spacious internally; give it a go, you’ll feel fantastic.

There will be so many times we’ll get down and frantic about what we’re doing with our lives, and although I preach it I need to do it – just reminding yourself of all the good things, your passions and taking time to talk it out will help build a good support system. I regularly freak out about what I should have done in the last 5 years, what I should and could do now, and what I should and could do in the future, but freaking out gets you nowhere. I have a list of things I want to do and I know that thinking it out loud and writing about it will help me get their quicker and plan, but also appreciate the time and moment I am in as I write this.

Your rut may seem like the biggest thing in the world right now, but just having a good ol’ laugh and some hugs will reassure you that you don’t have to whizz through your life and goals right now, and I promise you you’ll be climbing on out of that rut in no time.

Do you often get stuck in a rut? How do you deal with issues and problems?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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