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Now as much as I love cooking and baking, sometimes waiting an hour for sweet potato chips is just pushing the limits of hangary; I end up eating my weight in almonds and spinach and then sulk about wasting my appetite. One option is to batch make food and simply reheat it, or you can try the super delicious and nutritious (what a pun ‘ey) Innocent Veg Pots.

A new line of products from the smoothie genius’s, these little pots are packed full of flavour from all corners of the global palette and with lots of green nutritional scores, are a fabulous alternative to your local takeaway.

Currently there are 6 flavours on offer – Thai Coconut Curry, Pearl Barley and Veg, Caribbean Jerk, Mexican Chipotle Chilli, Indian Lentil Sambar and Indian Mandras. I picked up 4 pots to try over the week, including the Thai Coconut, Mexican Chilli and two of the Caribbean Jerk; each pot comes with rice inside so no need to buy extra, and can be microwaved in 3 minutes or done on the hob for 8 depending what you have in the kitchen and time available which is just a big thumbs up from me. Most of them are meatless so these are a fabulous vegetarian staple to have over lunch to treat yourself after a long slog of work.

Now let’s stop the general shpeal and get down to food reviewing business….

Caribbean Jerk this caught my eye first as I haven’t had a lot of Caribbean food; I went to a restaurant in Southampton last year which served amazing Caribbean dishes and was much spicier than I expected. Absolutely delish. The flavour didn’t disappoint here either, the spices practically exploded on opening and was heavenly. I did find it smelt similar to Indian but it tasted a lot fresher – definitely my favourite out of all the ones I tried.

Next up is probably the healthiest pot of them all, Thai Coconut Curry which, yanno I like my thai, so this was just a nice treat at home. The creaminess of the curry did not disappoint, it was just like going to my local in the comfort of my pjs 😉 I did pick out the potatoes but it was a nice treat. Quite sweet and creamy, but good on a Friday night.

Finally the Indian Lentil Sambar, which was a nice enjoyable curry dish but I have to say didn’t stand out from the selection. It tastes similar to the Caribbean Jerk so I would choose that over this pot as a treat, but it is still well made and has a great blend of spices.

All in all, these pots are a fabulous alternative to the local Chinese takeaway or Dominoes, plus they are currently on offer at Sainsburys as 2 for £6 so grab two for your lunch this week or for a quick dinner after a long day.

Have you tried the Innocent Veg Pots? Are you a fan of Caribbean food? What do you make for quick meals?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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