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Hellooooo everyone !

This was a long time coming, I mean, I’ve gone about how I didn’t get on with these products for a while now so writing a ‘Disappointing Products’ post was necessary.

I have five products to talk about – four pictured as I swiftly got rid of one of them ! – from a range of beauty areas and brands, but please note this is personal to me and these products may work for you, we just simply don’t get along.

KeraCare Essential Oil
I bought this on a recommendation from BeautyCrush who had dry hair from bleaching like me. At first it worked quite well at adding some moisture back in to my bone dry mane, but it then began to look greasy so I went down to the tiniest drop which still make it a bit too ‘sleek’ for my liking. I switched it up for Moroccan Oil which was lighter and helped but as I stopped bleaching and more of my natural hair grew through, any oil was just making it greasier quicker and it hung like a 13-year-old emo slick. Out of all the oils I’ve tried, this is the thickest and one I’ve found hardest to saturate throughout which is why it gets a thumbs down from me.

Super Facialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Minimiser
Many many many bloggers have raved about how good this brand is so when I saw this for a mere £4.99 in TK Maxx is was like ‘dis iz myne’. I was hoping for a nice matte priming base, that would keep my make-up on whilst cleansing my pores and prevent outbreaks. What I got was a matte base (great) but quite big clogged pores around my nose and cheek. I didn’t give this a long trial as this was the only new thing in my routine that could have caused a change in my skin, so I am no longer risking it by using and am keeping it safe for a better home to go to.

By Terry Touch Expert Advanced Concealer
As I said in my review of the product, I was a bit unsure and unconvinced by it. After a long enough time I have decided that I’m really not impressed by the product and how much it costs for so little. Recently I tried clicking some product out and got nada – with sporadic use, and I mean sporadic, it lasts under 4 months ! Ridiculous. The coverage isn’t enough for blemishes and under-eyes, it takes waaaay too mnay clicks to get the product out, and is generally overpriced. Over a heavy duty concealer it looks lovely as it has a nice skin tone, but concealer is to conceal, not to just brighten. Not recommended, don’t buy it.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
We’re getting into the territory of general ‘no no no no NO’ products now, and I can’t believe I repurchased this by mistake. I know now that foaming cleansers do not suit my skin type, but I had to find out by using this daily and getting a massive red raw dry patch on my face. It looked awful and it took a week for my skin to get back to ‘aaahh okay this is better’. Sensitive Oily Combo gals, steer clear.

Clinique 3-Step Anti Blemish
This is my absolute biggest NO of all the products. It’s not pictured as I swiftly binned or gave the products away as they ruined my skin. In 2011 I had a sudden bout of Stage 2 Acne and really was trying desperately to get rid of it and calm my skin. After many positive reviews online (only the Clinique website mind, I know now to read blog reviews too) and having a friend working for Clinique, I spent about £90 on the three-piece set of a Cleanser, Toner and Face Mask and hoped I’d have clear skin. What I actually got was even angrier skin, sore and stinging from the toner, bone dry from the mask and just further rock solid breakouts. I can’t remember that time now but I do know I was just so upset and near the end of my tether with having to wear layers of make-up and trying to relieve my face of painful spots, and this didn’t help at all. Since stopping and going back to a hydrating cleanser, toner and prescribed spot treatment, my skin is even better than before. Do not invest in this, I’ve even heard people who work for Clinique say they wouldn’t recommend it as it’s so stripping.

I hope this post has been informative, and obviously this is my experience however I still think it’s fair to take all reviews into account 🙂 Do you have any product no-no‘s that you think we should all be aware of?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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