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I think Autumn fashion has to be my favourite – lots of jumpers, pretty coats and boots, and lots of navy blue to wear to my heart’s content.
As part of my #AUTUMNAPPROACHES series, I wanted to share my top fashion pieces and tips for how to dress, giving you some inspiration of how to work the chilly weather this autumn.

The best thing about autumn; cable knits, novelty prints, soft and snuggly, or lightweight to layer up. I like to have a varied few styles to dress up or down including a Navy Cable Knit (see similar), Fluffy Cable Knit, White Cable Knit, Printed Sweatshirt, and novelty Christmas Jumper – because why not.
Current jumpers I love – 1 2 3

Cold weather = keeping warm. You may think ‘The basic layers look so boring and are uncomfortable’ but you can layer up with a striped t-shirt to add a bit of style and keep your tummy warm against the windy weather. Adding collared tops also jazzes up your layers, so throw a jumper on top and you are good to go!

Coloured Tights
Don’t dismiss your legs this season, make them stand out and look fabulous with the rest of your outfit by injecting some lovely rich autumn tones. Thick brown tights are a great pick with navy and green outfits, whilst purple tights will add some jazz to black and grey pieces.

Possibly the easiest way to inject some boldness and life into your look; a simple coloured scarf or one with a lovely print will add something eye-catching to your outfit, therefore brightening your and everyone else’s day!

The biggest thing about autumn? Finding the perfect coat! A long-term investment is always best but it doesn’t always have to be black. This season is all about pastel colours so pick up a nice lavender or blue shade, or if that’s not your thing, a statement shade that will always suit you is a great choice – I went for a blue Burberry coat which is one of my favourite shades, plus it coves my backside (a bonus, warm bums are happy bums) and has a hood for extra hat protection.

Colour Palettes
Doesn’t everyone love a good colour scheme to play dress up with? In autumn, I love the rich red, purple and green tones that reflect the leaves and weather changing; blues and golds also help add some effect, so play around with deep coloured jumpers against a dark berry lip, orange lipstick with a blue coat, or an all-over brown outfit with pops of green and red. Go wild and experiment!

This time of year is really a great one to experiment with; embracing the darker shades against current uplifting pastels makes dressing up in those warmer pieces so much more enjoyable. I’ll be seeing you on the other side, clad in layers of jumpers and sipping vanilla chai tea 😉

What are your autumn/winter fashion essentials? Which colour do you embrace in the autumn?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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