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Now September is creeping closer, and it’s pretty evident from the weather that the jumpers and jeans will soon be out in full force. The change in weather brings a new set of trends to the table and a change in the make-up we’ll be wearing – lighter foundation, deep reds and purples, metallics, warmer pigmented shadows and blushes.

A theme always excited me so I’ve decided to do a week of Autumn themed posts for beauty, fashion and food to get you inspired for the new season – ingeniously called #AutumnApproaches if I do say so myself 😉 Today I’m going to whack out the first of three posts – because there is just so much to talk about! – and today we’re discussing top tips for changing up your make-up and skincare for the cooler months; how to keep nourished and not let the effects of the environment make you feel less like you. Coming up will be how I transition my make-up, and also the AW 14 trends you have to try – I’m feeling that blue eyeshadow trend.

But let’s put all that to one side now and get cracking on the things you should get ready to invest in now for great beauty routines later…

Changing up your beauty and skincare
Colder months bring in the drastic central heating and bitter outdoors, causing our skin to be jumping about all over the place and making our hair a bit frizzy, whilst also being subjected to a lot of extra heat to style it back in place. Gone also are the days of sunkissed glows and in comes the dry and ‘in dire need of some salvation’ red cheeks. Here are a couple of my tips for how you can manage your mane this autumn and get your skin looking winter ready in no time;

1. My love of matte foundations comes back into play as Autumn approaches, making sure my paleish skin matches my body once again. On top of moisturised skin, I find matte lasts a lot longer and looks natural whilst helping to remove redness and give a more flawless finish without hinting at the effects of colder weather. MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 is my absolute favourite; perfect colour and lasts for hours. It’s also a great foundation for newbies to high end brands as the range of shades is fantastic. NARS Sheer Glow is also a fabulous finish, not too glowy either but looks more natural than anything. If you’re not one for high coverage, a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream such as the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser and The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream are good products to try for a lighter base.

2. As I said above, the key to making your new season base work is good hydration. Radiators, cold air, heating, anything that causes a sudden temperature change can cause our skin some havoc (and our hair, but we’ll get on that topic in a sec!). The best way to save your skin is to invest in some good quality rich moisturisers that will give your cells that boost in hydration and make your skin much more supple and smooth. I like to use the Clarins Oils – I’ve mixed between Lotus and Blue Orchid depending on how my skin decides to be but both do their job stupendously! – and Hydraquench range as they really soak into the skin, plus they suit my skin type which would be sensitive combination skin. Obviously Day and Night Creams will have different formulas, but an SPF and a replenishing anti-aging product will serve you through the cold months!

3. Now onto hair; I wash mine every other day now as my natural hair is now fully growing through so it needs a good rinse more often. I would suggest a cleansing shampoo and conditioner once a week, such as Aussie Beach Mate, and also a intensive thermal conditioner. Thermal conditioners are the highest in nourishment and repairing qualities so it’s great to whack them on regularly during the late autumn/winter months, and I would have to recommend the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque for full hair-smoothing goodness. I would suggest using an intensive conditioner or mask twice a week; once after the cleanse routine and another as an end-of-week treat. If you can sleep in it overnight, excellent, but a few hours letting it sink it makes it super soft and glorious.

4. A big big big thing I’d also reiterate in the cooler months is try not to use so much heat on your hair. I know in general it is said loads, but with all the temperature changes it might be good for your hair (and your electric bill) if you laid off the appliances a bit more. Obviously, I’m not saying go outside in the cold with wet hair and catch a death – no that’s silly – just let your hair air-dry 75% of the time you wash, nourish it with oils and then plait it or put it in a bun for a lovely sleek do with movement. Save the heat for really urgent instances – you are late, you’re going out on a night out, you want to replicate your 13 year old straight box hairdo (never a good look Lauren) – and you’ll also save some pennies! Yaaaay!

5. Lastly, always have a good supply of hand-cream about. A thick, rich hand cream will stop you having those sore cracks or horrible dry, tight fingers that annoy us all and instead will give you lovely nourished palms. For dryness, I suggest La Roche Posay Lipikar Hand Repair Cream, and for ultimate moisture try a bit of luxury with the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.

I hope this was inspiring and gave you some tips on how you can get your hair and face ready for the oncoming winds and rains of Mother Nature, and that you’ll be sticking around to see the next two installments of the series – pop a comment below on what your #1 tip for transitional haircare and beauty is in Autumn/Winter, or tweet me using the hashtag #AutumnApproaches to tell me what you love about this series and your beauty tips.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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