Helloooo everyone!

Don’t tell anyone but I think it’s September time again – 2014 where are you running away to?! Time for the school rush, autumn leaves, putting on those jumpers (if you haven’t already, check out my #AutumnApproaches series here) and also time for a quick round up of my past monthly favourites that have been getting me through this August.

Now TV – we recently got this installed and the range of movies is amazing. You can try a 1 month free trial here, or buy a box for your TV with 2 months of films for £20 – bargain right? So far I’ve seen Tangled (far too many times), Brave, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Thor 2, Iron Man, Saving Mr Banks… there’s so many films on there I still want to see which is always a good sign of a movie package – 6 films are added every week or so, and you’ll always find something to watch. I’m planning on watching The Butler and Argo sometime soon, so will fill you in.

Hot Water Bottles – the end of August really bought in some sudden cold weather, like October weather, and it was not nice to get in a frozen cold bed every evening. Three hot water bottles did the trick of heating up my sheets and my tootsies and now I can sleep all cosy.

Finding Old Photos – I recently found about half my life in a box, and it was so nice to come across old pictures of me as a wee baba eating hoola-hoops and having gappy teeth that it caused me to have a little cry. I particularly like my outfits and how I look like a diva in a bathing suit – you stay classy Lauren.

BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara* – now you all know by now that I am a Maybelline Mascara girl through and through, nothing has ever quite come to their standard in my eyes. However a cheeky little package containing this mascara has really changed my view. The BareMinerals Lash Domination really lengthens your lashes, seperating them and giving a really lifted doll-like look to your eyes. I wore my usual mascara on one eye and this on another, and people commented on how the Lash Domination eye looked so much more ‘awake’ and lifted. The Protwist 180° Wand covers your lashes with plumped up lengthening and volumising product to make them just look so darn good, so get on it and buy it here now, and check out the rest of the BareMinerals range here!

Pukka Three Mint Tea – I have a Pukka addiction. Their tea is simply the best; every flavour I’ve tried has just been lovveeeeely. With a deal on in my local supermarket, and the need for some more mintyness in my life, I picked up this flavour and was blown away by how fresh, clean and cleansing it tasted – my palette has never been fresher and I use mouthwash! You can taste each individual flavour of mint and it lasts well over two cups of tea (or mugs in my case, just love me a big cuppa). Try it, you’ll love it.

SacconeJoly Vlogs – I am surprised I have not mentioned this family of adorableness earlier on. I’ve only just got into watching them since just before they left Ireland, but I’ve followed Anna’s blog for ages and was always fawning over how cute she dressed Emilia – I was so happy to find the vlogs! Aside from movies and GBBO, this is the only ‘TV’ we watch really. SO much more interesting than soaps, so much more hilarious, full of cuteness and lots of cuddle jealousy. If you’re reading Joffee and Anna, I’ll come do some free babysitting for you! Watch them here.

Louche London Pineapple Earrings* – I’ve had my ears pieced for years, but hassle left me setting the studs for the side and keeping my ears free. Since, I’ve worn the odd hoop and tried to find a dangly earring that will suit me but alas I haven’t. Answering my prayers, Joy The Store sent over these funky bold pineapples for me to style up and play with, and with my qualms of yellow this actually look awesome on and against my make-up. I wore these the other day with some print and I looked so fabulously retro and 80’s I internally high-5’d myself. Go check out the brand here for some amazing AW 14 pieces!

Are any of your SacconeJoly viewers? Have you tried the Pukka Tea range?

See you in September! Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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